What I Wore to Closing (Happy Thanksgiving)


American Apparel tank, Diesel studded jeans, Forever21 sweater, Charles David snake skin pumps

This is what I wore to CLOSE ON MY NEW HOUSE. I can't believe I actually own a house!

The beeeaaauutiful kitchen.

Well, my Thanksgiving was great. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving too!

No-Effort Outfits


Forever21 sweater dress, Steven Madden round-toe patent pumps, Chanel quilted classic handbag

My mom dressed me from baby times until I was 10 years old. It wasn't until I was in 5th grade that when I asked her for the millionth time, "can I pick out what I wear tomorrow?" that she finally said YES. Geez way to stifle my creativity, Mom. JKJK.

So starting that day in 5th grade, I'd carefully plan out my outfits the night before and lay out what I would wear the next day. I even did this through highschool, despite having to wear a uniform (do I want to wear my sweater vest with my navy pleated skirt, or my khaki one?).

Well, I don't do that anymore because I'd rather watch Gossip Girl than think about what I will wear tomorrow. As a result, I'm often harried and frantic in the morning, trying on and taking off outfits, making coffee, making these damned bangs behave, and getting the dogs outside to poop.

It's times like these that I rely on these No-Effort Outfits. Dress + Shoes. That's it. I don't even have to put on pants. Boring? Maybe. Lazy? Definitely. Can't argue with that.



Old Navy chiffon top, Erin Featherstone for Target tulip skirt, Saks 5th Ave shoes, Urban Outfitters necklace

Zara shirt, Club Monaco Sweater, Diesel Jeans, Gucci loafers, Sinn Watch

Several guest appearances in this entry. Tu later changed shoes because he "wore them in the other picture of me," but this picture came out better haha.

So these new shoes are THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE THINGS EVER. My feet are pretty much immune to any pain. An avid unnecessarily-high heel wearer since college, my toes are permanently molded into pointy-toe shape and my heels no longer blister from new shoes. So...if I tell you they hurt, they REALLY HURT.

4-inch heels? Piece of cake. Patent leather? Bring it on! 4-inch heels + brand new patent leather + wearing them for over 5 hours = take your shoes off at the club and have your boyfriend carry you to the car. By the way, wearing a tulip skirt makes for awkward piggy back rides b/c your legs can only move 4 inches away from each other.

But they look pretty. I will wear again soon.

Robin Hood


James Perse shirt, Target leggings, Michael Kors boots, H&M scarf, Urban Outfitters necklace

My first time experimenting with over-the-knee boots and I am totally loving it. I love how more of your leg is covered by boots than by legging. I don't know, I just like the proportion. It makes your legs look super long too!

The boots + my shirt reminds me of Robin Hood.

I wore these boots to watch Twilight. Yes, Twilight was just as bad/awesome as you think it is. Edward Cullen needs to never take off those Wayfarers. And also never stop staring at me intensely/seeing into my soul.



Forever21 dress, Sam Edelman bow pumps, Banana Republic multi-strand necklace

I've been really into sheath dresses lately. Especially black ones. So classic and clean. They make me feel a little bit Audrey Hepburn-ish, a little bit High-Powered Marketing Executive-ish.

I like this one because the darts in the front of the skirt can help hide the fact that you ate 2 slices of cake at lunch.

One of my favorite photos of my favorite sheath-wearing lady.

Black Boots, 2 Ways

LaROK studded dress, Nine West suede boots
Random chain I knotted, Cross from Hobby Lobby I stuck on a chain
Forever21 cuff, saints bracelet from Phillipines.

Ratatat concert T from Austin, Seven for All Mankind black skinnies, Target moto jacket, Nine West moto boots.

Outfits from this weekend.  Saturday night was like 20 degrees colder than Friday night, which is why I look like a giant black blur in the second picture.  If I had a ski mask, I would have worn that too.  SO COLD STANDING OUTSIDE CLUB.

Ever since I cut my fringe, I feel like I need to wear black.  All the time.

My Goodies

Some things I bought this weekend, but shouldn't have. But they're so pretty.....

Saks 5th Ave.

This is the first time I've ever bought "Saks 5th Avenue" brand shoes. They're surprisingly really comfortable. I love hidden platforms. They remind me of horse hooves.

Miu Miu

My favorite part is that smooth, curving line from toe to the little tip at the back of the heel. *sigh*

Work Life Balance


James Perse long sleeve T, French Connection linen trousers, Zara gladiators, Armani glasses

I woke up with a stabbing pain in my left eye.  Which meant I had to wear glasses.  Which meant I had to wear black, to match my glasses.

Man my work outfits are BORING.  

I think a big reason is because I under-accessorize for work.  My watch, conservative necklace, conservative earrings.   That's it.  Look, they're not even VISIBLE in the picture, they're so small.  One time, I wore a big gaudy old lady ring (you guys, it TOTALLY matched my dress; I couldn't NOT wear it) and EVERYONE noticed.  That's a HELLUVA ring you got there! 

Not that it's bad to draw attention to oneself, but at what cost?

I try to look professional, but without stifling my personal taste too much.  This outfit is teetering on the edge of "too casual for the office."  But I don't WANT to wear polyester slacks all the time!

The thing is, I'm afraid that if I don't dress "boring" at work, people won't take me seriously.  To some degree, I get it.  You wear your priorities on your sleeve, so to speak.  If you're putting in a lot of effort to dress well, carrying an expensive bag (I've gotten comments on THAT too), matching those bangles to the buttons on your blouse, maybe that's more important to you than getting ahead at work?  Maybe you should be spending less time STYLING and more time WORKING?  It's hard enough being a [small] [asian] girl in a male-dominated industry.  I need all the credit I can get!

And on THAT note, I'd like to add that I received an award and thank-you gift from work this week for winning a big audit case for a client.  I got a $200 AMEX giftcard.  I'm going to use it to buy shoes, bitches.

All Hail the Pencil Skirt

Banana Republic cowl neck top, Forever21 shiny pencil skirt, Elie Tahari snakeskin pumps, Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

4-inch heels to work?  Yes, please.

I have like 10 variations of the "black pencil skirt" in different lengths and materials.  No matter how many I know I have at home, whenever I see one that fits well, I buy it - no questions asked.

It's a staple in my "work clothes" attire.  I love the silhouette of a long fitted skirt.  It's just so classic and clean.  AND it makes me feel like I'm professional.  Yeah, I still haven't gotten over the fact that I actually go to work and am responsible for people's lives.  It blows my mind.

My heels were a total steal, man.  I didn't know Tahari had a high end line until I saw these shoes.  Regularly $400+, bought for under $100.  I <3 DSW.


American Apparel cardigan, Target leggings, Michael Kors boots

UO sheer button up, Forever21 blazer, Target leggings, Michael Kors boots

Brass button detail

I wrote a previous entry in my other blog about Leggings As Pants (LAP). I essentially said I didn't like them.

I retract that statement. Because I now wear LAP. And I love it.

The first outfit.  My tri-blend cardigan which I love so much shrunk.  It used to hang below my butt, but now is too short to wear with leggings, I think.  Crotch almost showing.

Second outfit.  I changed into a slightly longer shirt with a shrunken blazer over it.  To my dismay, I realized that this shirt, which used to be loose, had ALSO SHRUNK.  WTH.  I felt like it was sticking to my butt too much.  (Also, notice the weird boob gap re. my previous entry.)

I changed for a 3rd time into a loose, vneck men's tshirt.  No picture because by that time, I was running late.  Kept the blazer b/c I like the buttons.

New Hairs!


Banana Republic blouse, H&M tulip skirt, BCBG pumps

I cut my hairs 2 weeks ago, but this is my official debut of them on the internetz. I THINK I like them? Sometimes I feel "edgy," other times, I just feel "fobby." I think they might need to be thicker. Also, as a prior curling iron addict, I'm still getting used to having stick straight hair again. Because curly hair + straight bangs is not cute.

Anyways, this is my favorite skirt. My favorite part is the waist. It fits perfectly above the waist, but not TOO highwaisted. Also, the bagginess at the top (the "tulip" portion, i suppose?) is perfect for when your stomach is being bad and fat (you know what I'm talking about). The material is a lightweight wool, which makes it hold its shape better than say cotton/polyester.

My shoes are oxford-style with broguing around the toe. It's cuter IRL.

The blouse I randomly found at BR for like $11.99 or something. It's good b/c it's thin (almost sheer), so it lays better when you tuck it into skirts/pants. I generally hate button down dress shirts on girls. It's so hard to find ones that fit right! The buttons are always off, so that there's like a weird gap at your boobs, right?

Which brings me to my next point: Business Casual. Who decided that the official business casual uniform for women was a button down shirt, untucked, over black slacks with no pockets on the butt? Why does everyone wear this in the office? UGH so gross, man.

Going Out; Being Awkward


Her: Abercrombie camisole, UO skirt, Nine West booties.
Him: Forever21 shirt, Diesel jeans, Gucci loafers.

Here is an extremely awkward stance. It makes me laugh.

My skirt has a bustle in the back. That's actually what it's called: "Pleated Bustle Back Skirt." There's also snap buttons in the back. I should have taken a picture of the back, but alas, I am new to this fashion blog business and didn't have the foresight to take pictures of details in my outfits. Like the necklace I'm wearing that I made. Next time, my pretties.

Remember in Cinderella when the ugly stepsisters had the dresses with big bustles that made them look like they had crazy ghetto booty? Mine didn't look like that.

We went out for BF's sister's 21st birthday.

Formal Cocoon

Laundry by Shelli Segal Dress, Charles David peeptoe pumps

We went to a wedding. I wore my "cocoon dress."

Low in the front (cannot wear bra), ruched from top to bottom with rhinestone detail. Ruching is good b/c it holds in your stomach, enabling you to steal extra wedding cake from unoccupied tables.

The problem with weddings is that I always feel like I need to have a wardrobe change between the ceremony and the reception. I mean, I can't wear something like this inside a church, right? Highly inappropriate, even to me, who has long discarded her catholic upbringing.

Luckily, the wedding we went to had their ceremony inside a planetarium. Space doesn't care when I wear side-boob showing dresses.

Widely Belted


Forever21 dress, Forever21 belt, Nine West shoes

I used to despise wide belts when the trend first started. Mostly it was because people wore them like the belt served no function. Like, WIDE BELTS ARE COOL SO HERE I AM WEARING ONE. Especially when it was over jeans. OVER your jeans. UGHHH STOPPIT. It's a fine point, but I feel like everything I wear should serve a purpose. Much like the people in my life (har har).

One of the first wide belts that I actually liked was a belt made of stretchy material. These belts are usually tighter, so you can get them to sit at your natural waistline, or slightly above for a high-waisted look. AND THEY LAY FLAT.

The dress is boring. The belt makes it slightly better. SEE? Purpose served.

Welcome, Slouchy Man

OK I'm giving into this ~Fashion Blog~ thing.

To be honest, it was only a matter of time! I'm going to be playing catchup for a while. This has been in the making for a while now, so some of these pics are a month or so old. I'm going to warn you now:

1. I'm not good at updating daily.
2. I'm not good at commenting.
3. I work in a corporate environment so my oufits will be boring most of the time.
4. I will be making weird awkward faces in my pics b/c I don't know how to take pictures of myself.
5. I don't really know how long this blog will last.

....so....worst blogger ever?

But I'm going to give it a shot!

UO pleated pants (altered), James Perse long sleeve button tee, Burberry cardigan, Max Azria round toe pumps

I bought several pairs of these pants in different colors from Urban when they were on clearance for $9.99. They were originally drawstring pants, but I pulled out the drawstring and made them into belt loops for a more tailored menswear look, as opposed to a casual loungewear look. CHECK ME OUT I'M A SEAMSTRESS. Actually, this is about the extent of my tailoring abilities.

Inspiration: "Old Man Slouchy," complete with muted browns/greys and elbow patches.