New Hairs!

Banana Republic blouse, H&M tulip skirt, BCBG pumps

I cut my hairs 2 weeks ago, but this is my official debut of them on the internetz. I THINK I like them? Sometimes I feel "edgy," other times, I just feel "fobby." I think they might need to be thicker. Also, as a prior curling iron addict, I'm still getting used to having stick straight hair again. Because curly hair + straight bangs is not cute.

Anyways, this is my favorite skirt. My favorite part is the waist. It fits perfectly above the waist, but not TOO highwaisted. Also, the bagginess at the top (the "tulip" portion, i suppose?) is perfect for when your stomach is being bad and fat (you know what I'm talking about). The material is a lightweight wool, which makes it hold its shape better than say cotton/polyester.

My shoes are oxford-style with broguing around the toe. It's cuter IRL.

The blouse I randomly found at BR for like $11.99 or something. It's good b/c it's thin (almost sheer), so it lays better when you tuck it into skirts/pants. I generally hate button down dress shirts on girls. It's so hard to find ones that fit right! The buttons are always off, so that there's like a weird gap at your boobs, right?

Which brings me to my next point: Business Casual. Who decided that the official business casual uniform for women was a button down shirt, untucked, over black slacks with no pockets on the butt? Why does everyone wear this in the office? UGH so gross, man.

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  1. hey, there's nothing wrong with the weird gap at the boobs. It says "I'm a lady in the street" but also suggests that "I'm a freak in da bed". I need to stop quoting ludacris.

    Also, belts are unnoticeable in an era of untucked clothing, about as noticeable as toe socks in dress shoes.

  2. BANGS!! they look better on you than me.. and ya.. i think i feel 'fobby' with mine more often than 'edgy' which is why they get pushed to the side...

    that skirt is cute.. and i sadly do not have that button problem on shirts. *sigh*

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