Ringflash II


Issa: Target skirt, necklace from Tokyo, Fifi Lapin shirt from Korea, Made Jewelry bracelet
Me: Forever21 silk tunic, DIY neckace-to-harness

Issa: Express tank, handmade skirt
Dru: Original Penguin shirt

More ringflash photos of our "cheap slut" faces, courtesy of Dru!!!.  Also, I'd like to send a shout out to our anonymous hater.  HOLLA!

After our photoshoot, we came back to the house and played around with Dru's ringflash.  The photos look a lot better against a dark backdrop, i.e., Dru's bed sheet thumb-tacked onto the wall.  After these photos, we checked out a new wine bar close by and had the most amazing house-made headcheese and antelope terrine accompanied by a bottle of Italian wine.  Pretty good night!

I really like the last photo of Issa and Dru.  

WWT + Phi-Style = FUN


Me:  F21 tunic, AA cross-back bra, DIY harness/F21 necklace
Issa:   vintage blouse from Tokyo, Wetseal shorts, Steven by Steve Madden shoes

Me: F21 sleeveless boyfriend blazer, AA Sexuali-Tank, Abercrombie cut-off shorts, YSL Tribute pumps
Issa: DIY tank/pants, Christian Louboutin peeptoes

Me:  Zara studded boyfriend blazer, AA Sexuali-Tank, Abercrombie cut-off shorts
Issa:  DIY tank/pants, Christian Louboutin peeptoes

Me:  Alexander Wang tank, AA cross-back bra, UO bustle skirt
Issa:  DIY shredded tank, Comme Ca harem pants, Christian Louboutin peeptoes

After months of joking and toying with the idea, WeWearThings and Phi-Style finally joined forces for a most random and fun photoshoot in honor of WWT's 1 Year Blogiversary (yes I said "blogiversary"). Of course we all see Issa of WWT, but the man behind the camera was none other than Dru!!! of WWT. IZ PREETY GOOT!

This was my first time ever having a photoshoot and it was actually REALLY FUN. It basically entailed me and Issa franctically changing clothes in the back of a car amongst all the camera equipment while Dru!!! erratically drove Issa's car and made illegal u-turns trying to find the best backdrops with optimal lighting conditions. Then we laughed at each other as we posed while Dru!!! yelled at us to stop laughing. The entire shoot was a 45 minute whirlwind.

But we were all pretty happy with the results, especially since it was such an impromptu affair with the outfits being matched and literally being thrown together as we went along.

Dru!!! has just recently started dabbling in fashion photography, but based on his photos, I think it's something he should really pursue. If you agree, let him know! =)

Wedding Hair; Il Divo

Since several of my friends have gotten married as of late, I've been hearing a lot about the anxiety that comes along with trying out hairstyles and makeup for The Big Day.

I've never been a big fan of up-dos. Maybe because I've never seen a good up-do in real life? Or probably because I have a large head that is round. SRSLY, having all my hair up does me no favors.

But I've been seeing this trend of loosely coiled side-buns lately and it looks pretty good! You can keep the side bangs and face-framing layers of a longer hairstyle, but still have it off your neck.

Pretty good!

Also, a red lip on your wedding day? LOVE IT.

In other news, I randomly went to an Il Divo concert last night. One of my girlfriends is obsessed (OBSESSED) with them and her boyfriend got tickets to their show for her. He had 2 extras so .... why not?

If you don't know, they are a Britain-based "pop opera" group comprising of 4 men in their 30's-early 40's. I had not heard any of their songs before last night. It was ... tolerable. Haha.

This was probably my 2nd most random concert I have ever gone to, the 1st being Peter Cetera of Chicago.

Giveaway Results

Congratulations to the winner of the Elizabeth & James giveaway, Ms. Jenny Ruopian Lin!

I'll be contacting you for your information shortly. =)

This weekend was fun stuff. I had my first photoshoot ever with Issa of WeWearThings. WHEN BLOGS COLLIDE!!!

Here's a preview of an outtake:
Photos shot by Dru!!! of WeWearThings

Yes, I stole the harness idea from Fashiontoast. In my defense, I already owned the necklace. =)

Stay tuned!

Boyfriend, Two Ways


Bebe silk crop top, F21 boyfriend jeans and necklace, UO belt, YSL Tribute pumps

I don't wear denim that often anymore, but when I did, I always took great lengths to take care of them. Washing in cold, never drying, always hang-drying. However, with these cheapie boyfriend jeans, I've been washing and drying them with all my normal clothes so they have lost the loose "boyfriend-ness" and are a little more fitted now. That, or I've gained some weight, which is not totally out of the question either (what's up not working out since February). Ah well, I think I kind of like them better this way?

So I kind of want to wear these shoes with every outfit. =( NEED MOAR FANCY SHOES.

One of my old friends from highschool is getting married this weekend. She and her fiance had a joint bachelor/bachelorette party at a karaoke bar this past weekend. Things started off pretty tame, but by the time 1 AM rolled around, things took a turn for the worse.

LOOK AT MY FIANCE (or apparently, the "bachelorette"). So much mockery. =(

Tuscan Sun

Don't forget to enter the Elizabeth&James Giveaway ending this Friday!

Urban Outfitters maxi dress, F21 leaf necklace

These photos remind me of Italy. Tuscany or Florence? When we bought our home, the architecture/style was described as "Mediterranean." Well I suppose it is!

It was blazing hot this past weekend in Houston. Literally 100 degrees (according to temperature gauge in Fiance's car). The long cotton dress was surprisingly cool despite its length. However, I've worn a long polyester dress on a hot day before and that was like the worst decision ever. A lesson I will never forget....

I only lived in CA for 3 years during grad school, but since moving back, I'm STILL shocked at how hot it gets here in the South. HOW CAN ONE LIVE LIKE THIS. Then I remember the crawfish, kolaches, and Chick-Fil-A and I'm like, ah, that's why.

Flashing Lights


Bebe silk tank, AA bra and shorts, UO horse head bracelet, F21 studded bracelet, Erica Anenberg ring, Fiance's Omega Seamaster watch

Dru!!! of WeWearThings recently got a ringflash for his camera so he's been taking "glamorous" photos all this past week. This series of photos started at the pre-party and continued at the after-party. Hahah so much ridiculousness.  

Trust that there is a perfectly good reason for everything happening in each photo.  For example, I'm making Pepper be a DJ in the last photo. ERR EE ERR EE.

Thanks to my Mexico-Tan, my foundation no longer matches the rest of my body.  =(

Wall Photos


C&C California dress, Chinese Laundry sandals, F21 belt, necklace, and cuff

Hrm.  These pictures did not turn out how I pictured in my head.  Details of the outfit are kind of lost...but at least you get to see a new part of the house?  Photos are of us, my family, the dogs, San Francisco/San Jose, and a trip to Europe.

Today we went with our planner to look at a couple potential venues for the wedding reception.  OMG SO MUCH MONIES.  Our first choice is sadly out of our price range.  $15k JUST TO BOOK IT.  NOT including food/liquor.  How insane is that?

However, our 2nd choice is not too shabby.  There are floor to ceiling windows all around with a super view of downtown Houston.  We'll probably put down the deposit on Monday.  EXCIIIITING!

I forget which wedding blog I read this off of, but I found it to be a pretty good tip so I'll pass it along.  Open a rewards-earning credit card for your wedding expenses.  You figure you're going to be spending how many thousands (or tens of thousands) on the wedding.  Might as well be racking up some points!  Plus, it helps to keep all your expenses in one place so you can better track your budget.  AMEX, Chase Continental Mastercard, Southwest Rewards Visa are a couple.  We might be able to get a honeymoon ticket out of it!

Elizabeth & James Giveaway

credit: OlsensAnonymous.blogspot.com

Some of my favorite style icons? Definitely MK+A. Probably more Ashley than Mary-Kate, as Mary-Kate layers much more than I'm comfortable with, but I do love the way both girls put looks together.

What I really love about them is how they can put casual outfits together and make it look effortless, but when you really look at each piece they wear, you see the detail and thought that was put into each item. The tiny cuff of the jeans, the lacy bra, each bangle on the wrist. So brilliant!

OK so I'll cut to the chase-

I'm giving away a grey deconstructed tee from MK+A's Elizabeth & James line to one lucky winner!

How perfect is this shirt. You can SEE how soft it is. I'd wear it with cut-offs by day, and tuck it into a high-waisted skirt for night. Probably my leather UO skirt I've been wearing so often.

  1. Leave me a comment
  2. Leave your name and email address
  3. Be from the U.S.

That's it! The contest will run from now until next Friday, June 19. I'll randomly draw a winner and announce the results the following Monday.

Thanks to Chickdowntown.com for helping out with the giveaway! I actually browse their site pretty regularly because they have tons of designer stuff, like Alice & Olivia dresses, Current/Elliot boyfriend jeans, House of Harlow jewelry, Kain tanks and tees, and MCQ clothing. Best part? They have great sales and discounts! Check it.

Cozumel, MX


We are back from sunny Mexico!  

The beaches were beautiful, the people were nice, the food was great, and the drinks didn't stop pouring.  It just makes this Monday morning all the more depressing.

The majority of the vacation consisted of swimsuits and cut-off shorts, but I did manage to get one outfit shot in of my new favorite swimsuit cover-up.

Cover-up, hat, glasses, bikini (underneath) all F21

Light, short, slightly sheer, loose yet fitted.  Everything I could want in something to throw over a bikini and still look cute.

I've Got Yo Numba


Had to majorly up the contrast here because turns out black tulle is see-through with backlighting.

hook/eye detail

Him: Theory suit, Hugo Boss shoes, Burberry tie clip
Her: D&G Dolce & Gabbana dress, YSL tribute pumps, Banana Republic jewelry

What we wore to Fiance's cousin's wedding reception. We clean up real nice, eh?

So my shoes. MY SHOES. I had been contemplating these shoes for months. You probably wouldn't know from my postings, but I'm more of a purse gal than a shoe gal. Drop a G on a purse? HERE IS MY SAKS CARD AND MAKE IT SNAPPY. Spend more than $150 on a pair of shoes? GAHH....

So I'm in the YSL store for the 3rd time in a month and I have the Tributes on my feet (again). Then I hear Passion Pit's I've Got Your Number begin to play over the speakers.


I only knew like 2 other people who knew who Passion Pit were and YSL is playing my current favorite song of theirs? By god, the song told me to buy the shoes.

By the by, Passion Pit is performing live in Austin and Houston this weekend. Unfortunately, I'm going to miss them. Fortunately, it's because I will be in Mexico in a giant floppy hat sipping micheladas by the beach. Updates will resume Monday!

Passion Pit - I've Got Your Number
Passion Pit - Sleepyhead