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Urban Outfitters maxi dress, F21 leaf necklace

These photos remind me of Italy. Tuscany or Florence? When we bought our home, the architecture/style was described as "Mediterranean." Well I suppose it is!

It was blazing hot this past weekend in Houston. Literally 100 degrees (according to temperature gauge in Fiance's car). The long cotton dress was surprisingly cool despite its length. However, I've worn a long polyester dress on a hot day before and that was like the worst decision ever. A lesson I will never forget....

I only lived in CA for 3 years during grad school, but since moving back, I'm STILL shocked at how hot it gets here in the South. HOW CAN ONE LIVE LIKE THIS. Then I remember the crawfish, kolaches, and Chick-Fil-A and I'm like, ah, that's why.

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  1. LOVE IT.
    you look so gorgeous. perfect lighting.
    def doesn't look like Texas * * *

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  3. i thought maxi dresses would make one look shorter, but you look tall in that dress! oh, and chik-fil-a is the best. me and my coworkers are a little obsessed with it.

  4. The first picture is like.. PERFECT.

  5. It certainly reflect Italy!

    Something about a long flowy dress that make us *gilrs* feel like a princess.

    And I agree with the Texas Heat!!! I, cannot take that heat and I grew up in the Philippines!

  6. love the dress!
    im sure it is much better than living in a cold place like philly. it was in 60s today, it is mid june! i need the sun.

  7. What a charming view to look out onto!
    That dress is just beautiful :)

  8. LOve it. you look perfect on that dress!


  9. such a beautiful dress and the necklace add a nice touch

  10. wow you look lovely and the dress is very becoming. I HATE THE HEAT ALSO.

  11. you're hotter than 2 p.m. concrete.

  12. i miss kolaches! =(

  13. wow, you look sa good, the top of this dress emphasizes your body, just gorgeous.


  14. That dress is gorgeous! I can't stand the heat either, but I can't give up crawfish. We had some crawfish last night and I joked around with some friends that when we do decide to have kids, I will plan my pregnancy around crawfish season.

  15. Why do you look all lean and elegant in a long dress and I look like I just put on a giant's dress, with it dragging on the floor and disproportionate? I'm jelly!

    You look fabulous! Love how you're wearing your hair straight!

  16. that dress is quite lovely

  17. LOVE this look! and the backdrop is so pretty! it really does look like you're in Greece or somewhere equally exciting!

  18. mmm.. maxi dress!! i've actually never tried one on.. i think it would drag on the floor.

  19. Love this dress! You look stunning!

  20. You look beautiful in that maxi, Tram! Cotton maxis are just perfect in the summer heat, aren't they? That and some good old-fashioned sweet tea are what summer is all about for me! And I just love how you managed to transport us to Italy from your Texan balcony. Nice work!!

  21. you should post pictures of your house. i'd love to see the decor.

  22. The only thing that would have made that first picture better would be if the bats were flying around

  23. cute dress.

  24. I adore the maxi dress on you, you look stunning!

  25. I thought you went on abother vacation until I read your post. Great pics and love the dress!

  26. Looking sexy!!! I love your beautiful long hair.

  27. you look so beautiful, love the dress!!!

    and yes , put some pics of your house , i love the decoration too..
    i looked the pic that you have on the stairs and sorry but i copy that idea for my house!! :D

    pd. sorry for my spainglish :P


  28. love love love that maxi...i wish i visited socal when i was i cali would have loved to have seen more of the state

  29. Also this dress allows you to eat a lot. And another added benefit of Houston: it's 100 degrees AT YOUR MANSION.

  30. absolutely beautiful!

  31. wow, gorgeous dress! =)

  32. I love everything about this dress

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