Boyfriend, Two Ways

Bebe silk crop top, F21 boyfriend jeans and necklace, UO belt, YSL Tribute pumps

I don't wear denim that often anymore, but when I did, I always took great lengths to take care of them. Washing in cold, never drying, always hang-drying. However, with these cheapie boyfriend jeans, I've been washing and drying them with all my normal clothes so they have lost the loose "boyfriend-ness" and are a little more fitted now. That, or I've gained some weight, which is not totally out of the question either (what's up not working out since February). Ah well, I think I kind of like them better this way?

So I kind of want to wear these shoes with every outfit. =( NEED MOAR FANCY SHOES.

One of my old friends from highschool is getting married this weekend. She and her fiance had a joint bachelor/bachelorette party at a karaoke bar this past weekend. Things started off pretty tame, but by the time 1 AM rolled around, things took a turn for the worse.

LOOK AT MY FIANCE (or apparently, the "bachelorette"). So much mockery. =(

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  1. Love the boyfriend jeans and the vest paired together.

  2. love the last photo and the YSLs oh dear god they are too gorgeous.

  3. The outfit is cute, the shoes go with it. Would be cuter if the jeans were looser but they're still cute! I was just thinking about getting some yesterday lol.

    And his face is priceless.

  4. BF jeans look great on you and your ROCKIN' that necklace!

    What size of pants do you get from F21? If you dont mind me asking.

  5. Love the YSL pumps...

  6. "NEED MOAR FANCY SHOES." Haha, you are hilarious!! Yeah, once you go there, it's kinda hard to go back. Those shoes are sick. As for the BF jeans, looser is always better, I think, but you seem to pull them off either way. How do you do that???

  7. i <3 your pumps!

  8. nothing wrong with wearing those shoes with everything!

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  10. really nice shoes!!

  11. Did the word "GIRLFRIIIIEEENND" come out of his mouth before or after this picture was taken?

  12. love the huge chandelier necklace! where is it from? is it part of the top?

  13. love your outfit ! great boyfriend jeans !

  14. I love the dressy necklace combined with jeans

  15. I love the shoes! They are classic and totally chic. Check out my blog at

  16. Beautiful and sexy!

  17. So I especially heart your fiance because of this picture alone. He is looking at you like, "Girl, do NOT give me any sass right now. Do you SEE who has the tiara on right now? That's right. I do. So bow down." LOL.

    And love love your jeans and entire outfit. Gah, those shoes. Must. Have. Now.

  18. You look so good!

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