Banana Republic top, F21 skirt, Marc by MJ peeptoe pumps, Viv & Ingrid necklace

What I wore to work today.  The skirt is almost NSFW when I cross my legs b/c the flaps open.

I kind of miss my straight bangs.  I'm tempted to cut them again, but NOT having bangs is so much easier to maintain.  Also, springtime in Houston is coming, which means SWEATY FOREHEAD GREASY BANGS TIME.

To cut or not to cut.  It is ALWAYS the question.


Thanks to Ms. Fabulous Everything for giving my blog an award!  She's so cute hahha. =)

her:  Target shirt, F21 pants, Banana Republic belt, Steven by Steve Madden shoes
him:  F21 shirt and vest, Diesel jeans, Frye boots

These pants.  A strange cross between drop crotch pants, genie pants, and high waisted trousers.  

I was reading in Elle about genie pants and they recommended that you wear them with "ethnic earrings."  Seriously?  Costumey much?  Might as well have a magic carpet in tow too.

Took a while to get used to - both the feeling and the silhouette.  You can feel your thighs touching when you walk and there's so much MATERIAL there.

They so comfy though.  Will do business again.




Just when I thought there was no other way to stud a purse, Alexander Wang studs the bottom.  With millions of studs.  All in rows.  And nowhere else.

Alexander Wang Fall 09
Available for $825 at Barney's, this summer.

Round Shades

Paul Smith sunglasses, H&M felt hat

I saw these Paul Smith sunglasses and had to have them.  ROUND GLASSES.

My first pair of [normal] glasses back in 2nd grade were round red wire frame glasses.  So cute, right?  More like so awkward.

From WhoWhatWear.com.  I like mine since it's an alternative to the regular plastic frames.

Added the hat for extra drama.

Not Being Dead, BF Jeans, and Awards


AA vneck tee, F21 boyfriend jeans, Ninewest wedges

Look at me I'm not dead!

Ergh so it's been a while since I posted.  I hate excuses, but I'm going to give you mine.  Started off being because I had told myself I would start using my SLR more, but then the remote for my camera ran out of batteries, and I didn't want to revert back to using my point-and-shoot.  However, I went to 5 different places and could not find the correct CR1200 batteries, so I eventually did use my point-and-shoot anyways.  Batteries have since been ordered from Amazon.

Then my IDENTITY WAS STOLEN for a couple days.  Somehow, my password for Gmail was changed (not by me) and I could not access my Gmail, Google Chat, or Blogger for several days.  SO ANNOYING!!  I tried to reset my password, but it sent the new password to my "secondary account," which was my college email account.  Which I do not have access to anymore.  BLARG.  Anyways, things have since been straightened out.

Finally, I have had strep throat since Sunday.  Nice thing is not going into work (highly contagious!  Doctor's orders!).  Bad thing is, swallowing hurts like a mother.  I've been sitting at home, catching up on 30 Rock.  It's melting my mindgrapes.

Anyways.  Boyfriend Jeans.

WhoWhatWear posted this trend a couple months ago and although I wasn't loving it at first, they're just so comfy and homeless man looking that I had to try.

The ones I'm wearing are not my BF's, but they're just as good.  I bought a size bigger than normal for maximum bagginess.  The ones that actually fit me were a little too fitted on my legs and looked more "capri" than "boyfriend."

It's kind of funny how trends can be so across the board.  Skinny pants and leggings to baggy jeans and drop crotch pants.  It's fun to see people try out looks (so I can see if I should try it or not).  I wish I saw it more in Houston.  Not much inspiration here, unfortunately.  That's why I depend on my lovely fellow bloggers.  

Which brings me to my next point -


Ms. XS gave my a blog award last week and don't you know, that virtual [imaginary] award made my day!  Especially since I think her blog is so inspiring.  Her poses together with her gorgeous clothes = total fashion inspiration.

Ten Facts About Me:

1.  I'm pretty good at the game Taboo.  Maybe even awesome.

2.  I don't have many female friends.  I went to an all-girls Catholic highschool  I'm not certain if and how these are related.

3.  I took ballet for over 10 years.  I miss it.

4.  I played piano for 10 years and flute for 7 years.  I do not really miss it.

5.  I do not and cannot watch horror movies.  When the scary part is about to come on, I look at the lower right hand corner of the screen.

6.  I used to have a childhood fear of being buried alive.  I used to cry about it at night and my mom would ask me why I was crying and I wouldn't tell her b/c it was just too scary.

7.  I have a younger sister (21) and a younger brother (16).  They are both also interested in fashion and music.  Neither have blogs (I have about 4-5 blogs).

8.  In college I met Diane Von Furstenberg.  She took a picture of me on her digicam.  I like to imagine that she kept that picture and wonders who that girl could be and whether she should randomly hire that girl to work for her.  And that she didn't delete that picture.

9.  When I was in 1st grade, I wanted to be a nurse.  When I was in 3rd grade, I wanted to be a vetrinarian.  From middle school through college, I wanted to be a doctor.  I'm now a tax attorney.  Something happened.

10.  If I could do whatever I wanted, I'd want to learn how to cut hair.  Or be a backup dancer.

Sharing Clothes

Whilst browsing The Sartorialist, this caught my eye:

The fit of the pants (loose and fitted at the same time), the length of the hem, the amount of sock visible, and the brown laceups (paired with grey).  It's just all very good.

Then I scrolled down a bit and saw this:

The same, but different - and on a man.

I Buy Outerwear

Picked up a few things at UO yesterday:

Rendez-Vous by Paul & Joe Sister "Normandy Cape"

Pins & Needles "Edwardian Jacket"

Posting pics from the website.  I know, lame.  But the batteries for the remote to my camera ran out and I haven't found the right ones at the last 2 places I looked.  Need to find CR1220 batteries.

Oh and thanks for the feedback re. my previous FESTIVAL post!  As XS noted, my heart says to go with Ultra.  Probably because my heart loves it some synthesizers.  Anyone else down to party in Miami?? =)