her:  Target shirt, F21 pants, Banana Republic belt, Steven by Steve Madden shoes
him:  F21 shirt and vest, Diesel jeans, Frye boots

These pants.  A strange cross between drop crotch pants, genie pants, and high waisted trousers.  

I was reading in Elle about genie pants and they recommended that you wear them with "ethnic earrings."  Seriously?  Costumey much?  Might as well have a magic carpet in tow too.

Took a while to get used to - both the feeling and the silhouette.  You can feel your thighs touching when you walk and there's so much MATERIAL there.

They so comfy though.  Will do business again.


  1. you both look great!

    i agree, the ethnic jewelry would look too costume-y. i like how you keep everything else simple.

  2. im loving the Domo-ku in the background!

  3. Love your F21 pant. You're adorable...

    Nini Nguyen

  4. haha i love it.

  5. HEY! i love your page...and your outfits are great...I was wondering if you would like to do a link exchange ;) here's my page: cardigansandpearls.blogspot.com


  6. I know I already commented on your Chictopia, but I just have to comment here again because MY GOD those pants are amazing and you are a gorgeous girl!

  7. I love your blog!

    I also think your house has great decor and style as well. If you'd be willing to, I'd love to see the different rooms of your house. I always get excited when I see a glimpse of the different rooms and spaces in your home. Everything looks so chic and modern!

  8. You wear those pants SO well! What a handsome couple!


  9. Those pants are so cute on you! Wow another Houstonian fashion blogger, yay! I work at a boutique called Hemline in Rice Village.

  10. you both look fantastic.
    cutest couple ever * * *

  11. they looks uber adorable on you. i'm glad you tried them out!

  12. hi love, i gave you an award on my blog! come check it out.

  13. Anon - i'll take some photos of the house soon. =)

  14. What a stylish duo! I like your home decor as well. :)

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