Mila Kunis


How does one go about looking like this while pumping gas? So yelis.

I like her hair. And eyebrows. And pants. And face.

I just went from mildly liking her to wanting to be her in 0.5 seconds.



I discovered Yelle a couple months ago when the lineup for Coachella was released. I immediately got to torrenting all the albums of all the artists I had never heard of and began my preparation.

Yelle caught my attention because:
  1. She is French
  2. She sings in french
  3. It's synthpop dance music
The music is cute, fun, and likeable. I liked a couple of songs, even though you don't understand a word she's saying, and you can't tell anyone the names of the songs (or at least I can't). After the day-by-day lineup for Coachella was released, I saw that she had a slot right after M.I.A. and before Prince, so she was added to the itinerary. Didn't know what to expect, but there wasn't any other artist I wanted to see during her time slot and I knew a couple songs, so sure.


Her show was probably the most fun show I saw there. (Well, maybe besides Hot Chip but their performance was so damn packed that I couldn't see the stage anyways. ) She had SO much energy and so is SO DAMN CUTE. Cute like when she was dancing around, I wanted to pat her on her little bowl-cut shaped head and saw "awww." Look at her marching around up there. How adorable!

The entire Mojave tent was jumping around and dancing with her. Even after being in 100+ degree heat for 10 hours and being sober, it was a pretty fun time.

Here are 2 of her more popular songs on Zshare:

Je veux te voir

À cause des garçons

Official Yelle Website
Yelle @ Myspace