Every Party Needs a Winner and a Loser


Loeffler Randall silk top, F21 pleather skirt, YSL Tributes, Banana Republic necklace

Two things I like:

1. This [old but rediscovered] song:
Erlend Oye - Every Party

2. My dog:

Dying is Fine


A.Wang tank, F21 bra and skirt, Gucci booties

Longest no posting EVAR!

I don't have any good reason for it either. Haven't been busy. Haven't been "uninspired." Just good ole ... lazy. So playing catchup:

1. New readers!
Thanks for all the comments from current and NEW readers. SO NICE! I'm terrible at responding (so LAZY) but I DO read every comment and then proceed to look at your page and reverse-stalk you. I SEE YOU.

2. Chicago
I'm going to Chicago this weekend. Never been there before and would love some recommendations for places to eat, SHOP, and party. We already made reservations for Alinea, which I'm looking very forward to, especially since it beat French Laundry on the World's Best Restaurants list. Molecular gastronomy, here I come!

3. Tagged by Style Antagonist
I'm now supposed to answer a series of questions. I WILL DO IT. JUST LATER. =)

EDIT:  4.  Kreative Blogger Award from Grace Like Kelly
Totally missed this the first time around, but thank you to Grace Like Kelley for the award!  She is so so sweet - just look at that huge smile on her face in her photos!

5. Tag and Award from Life in Travel
Who doesn't love Hanh, her cute kids, and amazing shoe collection? Thanks, Hanh!
Now I'm supposed to list 10 interesting things about myself.

  1. My fiance and I first met when we were 12 years old, but we didn't date each other until 13 years later. I remember seeing him at his locker in middle school (AWWW).

  2. I have an aversion to people that laugh "HEE HEE" or "KEKEKE" online. I'd probably like it if they laughed that way in real life though.

  3. When I watch my TV shows, I have to eat things. Last week, it was Phillipine dried mangos and Goober w/ a spoon straight out of the jar (not together, but on separate occasions). The food has to be something you can eat w/o taking your eyes off the TV and it can't be too noisy (like chips) b/c you can't hear the TV since you can hear the crunching in your head.

  4. I'm currently obsessed with True Blood. I love Eric. Um, sexy viking vampire? What's not to like?

  5. I'm classically trained in ballet and piano.

  6. I hang all my clothes on hangers because I don't like folding laundry.

  7. I talked on the phone for a couple months w/ the bass player from Hoobastank after meeting him after a concert. So completely random. HI MARKKU.

  8. I wish I was doing something creative as a career.

  9. I like funny people.

  10. I can list all the presidents of the US in order, from Washington to Obama.



Her: F21 sheer tee, AA denim shorts, UO belt, Sigerson Morrison wedges
Him: AA tee, Levi's Capital E jeans, Converses

Dru!!! experimenting with backlighting. Dogs so scared of studio lights.

We've been talking about moving a lot lately. As in moving across the country. Why? Just because. We had another serious convo about it last night. Quarter-life crisis (despite being past our quarter-life)? Or a product of several bottles of sake + Sapporo beer?

The prospect of it makes me anxious with giddy excitement. =(