Her: F21 sheer tee, AA denim shorts, UO belt, Sigerson Morrison wedges
Him: AA tee, Levi's Capital E jeans, Converses

Dru!!! experimenting with backlighting. Dogs so scared of studio lights.

We've been talking about moving a lot lately. As in moving across the country. Why? Just because. We had another serious convo about it last night. Quarter-life crisis (despite being past our quarter-life)? Or a product of several bottles of sake + Sapporo beer?

The prospect of it makes me anxious with giddy excitement. =(

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  1. Cute, cute, cute!!!

  2. We're thinking about it too. Hence my post a few weeks ago about moving to Cali!

  3. What cute photos. Backlighting is cool. Dog pictures are cool too!

  4. come back to the bay!

  5. adorable pics!love the belt with those wedges.

  6. we've been talking about it too. haha and actually i just wrote about this on my blog last night. i need to move frequently.

    i say go for it, change is good, especially this kind of change :) another good thing about moving - keeps the clutter down.

    cute pix.

  7. last pic is the best :)
    poor dogs :]

  8. wow.....super cute pics....right of a style a magazine!

  9. Lovely couples and cute dogs!

  10. love your hair in these.

  11. where would you move to? i see you in california for some reason.

    i'm not a big fan of change but wayne and i have always said we would eventually move to nyc when we had the money. it's never fun to be in nyc with no money...

  12. Cool pics! And very beautiful dogs♥

  13. ok this is cuteness times 10! I love it, its like family pics!!!

    Phi you are awesome I passed along the Kreativ Blog award to you cuz your so fab!

  14. cute outfits

  15. love these pics!!! your doggies are soooooo cute!
    my husband and i are also trying to relocate...easier said than done (can you feel my frustration?!?!)

  16. Such adorable pics! And I love the dogs... is one of them a husky?

  17. so kute!

  18. Love the photos! And you're right about dogs and lights, after I flashed my dog once with a camera, she runs away from it every time now!

  19. your pictures are so cute!
    cute dogs btw

  20. The prospect of you moving here makes me giddy excited! The dogs can meet!

  21. You two look so great next to each other! So stylish and fab. And your dogs are adorable! Where were you thinking about moving to?

  22. You're guys are too cute :-)

  23. Love the photos! CUTE.

  24. Looks sooo cute! Love the quality of the photos. I also love the previous outfits and that beautiful chain. Where you got it at? Very KOOL!


  25. cutest family portraits ever! =)

  26. ok that is so not my blog up there....

  27. i would move to an island. if only it werent for our families being here. and oh yeah, our baby too. hahhaha. i could totally just spend the rest of my life somewhere in tahiti or fiji. and be totally happy. sigh.

  28. love your blogskin,style, pictures, face... everything. you are going to be my next on my "religious reading"

  29. adorable photos! where would you move to? i moved across the country from jersey to california a few years ago and i think you should totally go for it. you only live once (as totally cliche as that sounds!) :)

  30. i just found your blog and i love it! :) keep up the excellent work.

  31. you two are so cute and your dogs too!

    xx Patty Ann

  32. so cute and sweet!!!

    I give you awards on my blog!!


  33. This is completely and utterly amazing! Love the lighting, love the dogs, love you and your partner together. Too cute!

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