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AA bodysuit, Love Yaya highwaisted shorts, Asos shoes, F21 jewelry + DIY harness

What I wore to be ironic but look like I don't care.

Can drinks be trendy? Does your drink of choice send a certain message about you?

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. At friends' houses. At local bars. In my freezer. I had not even heard of this liqour before last month and suddenly it is ubiquitously present. Trendy drink? Yep. Tastes good? Yep. We do love our sweet tea in the South.

Then there's the other side of the coin. Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, or PBR, as the cool kids call it. The beer that is the anti-trendy drink of choice, which makes it secretly trendy, but only in secret because you have to act like you don't care since it's SO IRONIC.

Is what you're holding in your hand at a bar/club the new accessory? Does this outfit look better holding a beer or a mixed drink? Does it look better if the mixed drink is dark or clear? Am I really asking myself these questions?

Solution: Down whatever you're drinking within 3 minutes so you get to the dancefloor and dance with your hands drink-free.

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  1. Never tried either of those drinks, (in fact, I haven't even seen them in Cali!), but maybe I'm just behind ;). I've been loving your outfit posts, and you are so gorgeous!

  2. Whenever I drink wine, I have to have them in the right size wine glass. I hate places when they make you pour your drink into a plastic up if you want to go outside. So yes, I think the color or the kind of drink you hold in your hand at the bar tells a little bit about your style....

  3. That's why you drink SHOTS, because you never have to worry about what people are JUDGING you with. I like to drink, I like to dance...solution: shots.

    I love the back of the leotard. SEXAY.

  4. wow wow you have a sexy back. Nice pose!

  5. Love your blog! Keep it up :)

  6. i love white russians. i heard a joke somewhere (i think on tv) about it being something your old aunt and uncle would drink, but they are good. they never have them anywhere because people usually don't have cream on hand. Either that or the joke holds some truth and only old, uncool people order them nowadays, and nobody told me (except the tv).

  7. ooh, and that ice tea drink sounds sooooo good.

  8. Sweet tea. Mmmm. Why is it that they can only get it right n the South??? Have you tasted that swill at McDonald's they call sweet tea? Disgusting. Must keep an eye out for the ST vodka! And btw, still loving the necklace/harness :-)

  9. ooo, i just recently tried that sweet tea vodka during our july 4th festivities and it's soooo good! we initially made long island iced tea then transformed it into an arnold palmer. even better!

  10. cute outfit! sweet tea with alcohol? sounds good :)

  11. Rad harness! I love LOVE YAYA jeans, esp. my 2 high-waisted ones- sooo comfy. I drink Midori Sours- the bright green of it does photograph well :)

  12. I really love your AA bodysuit with backless. perfect pairing with the shorts.


  13. great top...and the necklaces really top it off


  14. You look hottt!!!

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  16. hm, i haven't heard of the sweet tea vodka, but it sounds yummy!

  17. super-smexxii!

    the harness ties the whole look together wonderfully!

  18. GOD firefly is sooooo good with lemonade.

  19. Mmm sweet tea vodka. They make it really well at Pearl Bar! And where do you usually get your PBR? I tried it for the first time at Boondocks about two weeks ago :)

  20. I've never heard of either of these drinks and I'm a bit of a bar star myself lol. Maybe they're a local thing?

    Phew that bodysuit is pretty sexy with those shoes lady! You are pretty daring!

  21. Seriously loving that diy harness! Very very cool! It makes even a simple outfit soooo fashion forward!

    xx Patty Ann

  22. If PBR drinkers are trendy now I give them props for also being brave...that stuff tastes terrible! I'd be happy if they started importing alcoholic sweet tea to Canada...

    I've been reading for awhile, love your blog & just wanted to say hi :)

    Keep the gorgeous outfits coming!

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