Zara dress, Urban Outfitters belt, Saks 5th Ave pumps

I went to work with stringy, air-dried hair.  For lunch, they brought in Jason's Deli.  I ate 3 giant cookies as a meal.  My life is average.

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  1. love the red dress.

  2. love the belt on you!

  3. i ate salt & vinegar chips for breakfast with a side of mountain dew. breakfast of champions!


  4. I love how professional and sophisticated this outfit is.

  5. i really like this look!

  6. I love the dress with the belt!

  7. My hair used to be that long ... until I cut it off.

  8. that outfit's amazing.. so simple.. yet elegant..

  9. your outfit is simple and chic, i love your red dress.

  10. am so envious of your tan!

  11. great dress.
    u r so slim, how do u find belts that fit? I find that most belts I get need to be altered so I tend to get elastic ones :) where do u normally go for stylish belts?

  12. eatint three giant cooking as a meal for lunch and still have a great bod, looking great in all the fashionable outfits...I wish i can say the same.

  13. I mean to say eating three giant cookies

  14. wow, gorgeous look, so simple but what a fantastic result!

  15. great belt

  16. you look lovely in red

  17. haha, love mlia. and you look great as usual. if i'm too lazy/can't think of anything remotely interesting for a comment, you can just assume that i <3 your outfit because all of them are stylin'.

  18. Wow, the red looks amazing on you. I like how you ended your sentence with "my life is average." Good stuff.


  19. I just found your blog and LOVE LOVE LOVE your style! This look is so chic, so elegant. :)

  20. Love that showstopping belt!!!

  21. lovely dress beauty! ♥

  22. Oooooo love the dress, especially the belt with the gold buckles!

    xx Patty Ann

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