Thick as Thieves

AA Loose Crop Tee, Silence and Noise high-waisted denim shorts, UO belt, Jessica Simpson sandals, F21 necklace

High-waisted shorts are not conducive to eating your grandma's sticky rice and roasted chicken followed by a bowl of Bun Bo Hue, and approximately 50 ranier cherries your mom bought on sale for $1.50/lb. So much hurtings.

Playing around with the lighting.

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  1. love that crop tee girl!

  2. i miss eating homemade bun bo hue =( i miss houston!


    O and i like the tee too.

  4. Great style...check out my blog

  5. So adorable, although if I could never wear a crop top. No one wants to see that.

    OMG BUN BO HUE. So jealous!! How come I always end up sweating after I eat that?

  6. yet you still manage to look oh so gorgeous! longing for some bun bo hue now..mmm...

  7. Cute cropped t-shirt and high-waisted shorts!

  8. such a cute and necessary summer staple

  9. i bet we have the exact same stuff in our closet from aa because i have that shirt too! looks great on you! i need me some more high waisted stuff because the last time i wore this shirt out i felt really self-conscious showing my midriff...

  10. Love the high-waisted shorts -- that's the right way to wear a cropped t-shirt!

  11. you look cute in this outfit!

  12. looking good...

    i look good too...check me out

  13. You look really cute. I love the crop top.

  14. ugly top

  15. I love Bun Bo Hue :) The crop tee looks great.


  16. this is hot!

  17. Love this cute casual style! Where do you take your photos, it looks like a studio (sorry if I'm asking a "omg so obvious" questions hehe)

  18. Crop tops are the best! They're my favorite thing in my closet this summer!

    xx Patty Ann

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