Doing Some Hoodrat Stuff

Me: 3.1 Phillip Lim silk tank, AA skirt, YSL Tributes, F21 necklace and cuff, Banana Republic ring
Erica: Target dress, Colin Stuart pumps, F21 cuff

Dru of WWT set up his new backdrop downstairs so after a delicious prix fixe dinner at Voice, we played with his stuffs. Unfortunately, his backdrop is too narrow for full-body shots, as you can see. S'OK. We make do.

I didn't list what the boys were wearing because really . . . who cares. WHO CARES.

Just kidding.

Fiance: Club Monaco shirt, Urban Outfitters pants, Cole Haan shoes
Mike: Barney's shirt, True Religion Jeans, Aldo shoes
Dru: F21 shirt, JCrew pants, Urban Outfitters linen shoes, F21 tie

After this, we went to meet some of Dru's friends at a nearby club where it was Salsa Night. It sounds like a fun idea . . . until you realize you don't know how to salsa. I took Ballroom Dancing as an elective in college. Unfortunately, salsa was not included in the curriculum.

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  1. lighting soo good.

  2. s'okay, I look for big backdrop today so we can do bad things. And smoke the cigarette

  3. Fabulous pictures. Totally jelly. Why can't I have friends that constantly want to take pictures?

  4. What AA skirt is that? Looks great on you! Love your blog!

  5. Lovely outfits! Love both shades of blue.. Agree with steph, my friends are not camwhores like I am..=(

  6. looks like you guys had fun there.
    Anyway, I love the blue and your necklace as well!!


  7. ooo, what a stylish couple you are!

  8. Flower - the skirt is the Interlock Mini Skirt. really versatile basic. i have 3 haha.

  9. Nice outfits by all!

  10. Deutsch Italienisch ÜbersetzerPenometWhat AA skirt is that? Looks great on you! Love your blog!

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