It's music festival season y'all!

The dilemma: which one to go to?

The contenders:  Coachella v. Ultra Music Festival


I went to Coachella last year and had a blast.  However, last year's lineup was better than this year's.  I think.

Ultra is solely electronic (I heart electronic).  And actually, most of the bands I decided to see at Coachella last year were electronic.

Couldn't I just go to both?  Sure.  But my pushing-30-year-old body cannot handle.  And it's a reccession guys.  My wallet cannot (should not) handle plane tix, hotel costs, plus festival ticket prices for both.

I've never been to Miami...... =)

Coachella is April 17-19:  $99/day, or $270 for all 3 days.
Ultra is March 27-28:  $130 for both days.

Waiting 4 U

Canadian synthpop/electrofunk group Chromeo.

Comprised of childhood friends P-Thugg and Dave 1, who incidentally, are Arab and Jewish.

Dave 1 (David Macklovitch) is currently earning in Ph.D in French literature at Columbia University, where he also teaches undergraduate French classes.

Eh, EH?

But even without the fun trivia, the music speaks for itself.  One of my fav groups from 2008.  Danceability factor is HIGH.

I've really been liking the song Waiting 4 U lately.  It reminds me of my bf dancing.

SPEAKING OF WHICH.  Anyone else waiting for anything?

Clouds of Tulle and I are waiting 8-10 business days for these 5 inch beauties from ASOS.

The Outfit that Never Was


Her:  UO blouse, F21 skirt, Wolford hosiery, Banana Republic faux fur cape, F21 cuff
Him:  F21 cardigan and skinny tie, Zara dress shirt

So as I was taking these photos, the hinge on my bracelet snagged on my beloved tights and ripped a hole.  The camera actually went off as I realized what I had done and you can see the sadness in my eyes (or a suggested retail value of $52 going down the drain).  I am not posting it b/c sadness in my eyes = ugly.

So I went upstairs to change.  I intended on just changing my tights, but I didn't have anything as sheer and I didn't feel like wearing opaque ones.  So of course, I ended up changing my entire outfit.  You know how it goes.

Well, I kept the fur.  Because fur capes really do go with everything.

And It Was All Yellow


F21 racerback tank, Target acid wash skinnies, Jessica Simpson platform heels

What I wore to not run the Houston Marathon. =|

I signed up and paid the entry fee to run a half-marathon (13.1mi) back in July.  Sometime around November, I fell off the training wagon and never got back on.

I picked up my packet and badge number yesterday anyways since I had someone running in my place.  Seeing everyone else picking up their packets, the free tshirts, the "GO ______!" signs, and general anticipation of 18,000 people getting prepared to run at 7am the next morning kind of made me regret dropping out.

Next year.  I'm really gonna do it!


F21 silk blouse, vintage vest, Express legging, Nine West motorcycle boots

F21 egg yolk ring, Banana Republic multi-strand necklace, BF's Omega Seamaster watch

Pepper's all O RLY?

I bought the ring solely b/c it looked like an egg yolk.  Delicious!

They say the appearance of your hands reveals your true age.  I guess that makes me 85.

Why are the colors in my pictures weird?  They did not look like that before I uploaded them. =(

Tauba Auerbach


I discovered Tauba Auerbach last year while looking at a magazine spread of some famous person's house and noticed a framed print they had in their home.  I was immediately drawn.



A calligraphy print of a single letter, but so intricately delicate.  I fell in love.  Well, truth be told, I fell in love because I thought it would make a great tattoo for me to get on my ribcage.  RIGHT?

Upon further research, I learned that the artist is a young woman (27!) originally from San Francisco, who worked as a sign painter before turning to creating prints original pieces* comprised largely of letters and symbols.

*ETA:  I've been enlightened as to the fact that these "prints" are actually drawn by hand (usually ink or acrylic on paper), so each piece is actually an original.  I CANNOT BELIEVE!

Thank you to The Avert farm for bringing this to my attention!

"Yes No Morph I"

"Static II"

I was flipping through this month's Vogue last week and lo and behold - she's featured in it!  Apparently, she's supposed to be working with Commes des Garcon in creating a line of tshirts.  So cool.

Also, notice the necklace she's wearing above.  Her own design.  I love this woman.

If you're in San Francisco in February, she's supposed to have an exhibit at the SFMOMA.



Tennebaum Coat
The Row
$3750, on sale for $939 at Barneys.com

I heart MK+A.
I heart Wes Anderson (and Owen Wilson).
I heart fur coat.

So good on so many levels.



H&M dress, Splendid long cardigan, Nine West bow tie pumps

AA tee, Paper Denim Cloth corduroys, Rainbow sandals

We discovered this morning that we matched the dogs, so we took pics.

Yes, another drapey cardigan.  But this one was such a steal.  Regularly $140, on sale for $39.  It's a wool/rayon blend so the heavy material lends to better drape-age.  Plus, I like how it's the same length all around.

Back to Work


Kenzie dress, F21 belt, Steven by Steve Madden patent pumps

Got this dress at an After-Christmas Sale and decided to wear it as my First Day Back to Work Outfit.  Did you used to do this in grade school?  Pick a new outfit to wear on the first day back?  What am I saying - of course you all did.

The dress has such a pretty silhouette, which gets better when you belt it.  The skirt is sort of between a pencil skirt and a tulip skirt (there's probably a word for it that I don't know), and the little knot at the bottom created great folds and pleats all the way up to the waist.  The simple loose, cuffed sleeves even up the proportion between top and bottom.


Good deals <3<3<3

Mad Scientist


Love Yaya cardigan, Zara gladiators

My new favorite piece of outerwear.  Picked this up at over 75% off from Tootsies!  Man I love a good deal.

It's a thick knit material with an off-center zipper and 2 snap buttons at the top.  It actually has a cute funnel neck, which you can't see b/c I don't have the buttons closed.

When it's all zipped and buttoned up, I look like a mad scientist.  Looks real good.

Happy Belated Christmas


Forever21 dress, Forever21 belt, Wolford tights, Saks 5th Ave shoes

What I wore to Christmas at my parent's house.  Cannot go wrong with studded dresses.  The studs weigh the dress down for optimal flattering draping.

So Wolford tights are pretty amazing.  Maybe not $50 amazing, but maybe $20 amazing.  The waistband is not too loose (so they fall down), but not too tight (so they are hurtful and make your stomach hurt).  The waistband is thin so that you can't see it through clothes, but strong enough to stay up.  They have a good rise so you don't have to fold them over at the waist.  

I do not condone spending $50 on hosiery, but if you ever see them on sale, snatch em up!

Vomiting of Photos (Part I)


Forever21 hooded cardigan, AA vneck tee, Express leggings, Zara gladiators, BF's Omega Seamaster watch

Wow I haven't updated in a long time.  Whoops.  In my defense, the bf got me a new computer for Christmas and I don't know how to use a Mac. =P  But I HAVE been taking pictures so now there will be a vomiting of posts.

I wasn't sure if I liked these drapey cardigans, but I saw this one at F21 and I had to have it.  It's double-sided, extra drapey, AND has a hood.  I like the drama that goes along with walking w/ a fluttery cape flapping behind you.