It's music festival season y'all!

The dilemma: which one to go to?

The contenders:  Coachella v. Ultra Music Festival


I went to Coachella last year and had a blast.  However, last year's lineup was better than this year's.  I think.

Ultra is solely electronic (I heart electronic).  And actually, most of the bands I decided to see at Coachella last year were electronic.

Couldn't I just go to both?  Sure.  But my pushing-30-year-old body cannot handle.  And it's a reccession guys.  My wallet cannot (should not) handle plane tix, hotel costs, plus festival ticket prices for both.

I've never been to Miami...... =)

Coachella is April 17-19:  $99/day, or $270 for all 3 days.
Ultra is March 27-28:  $130 for both days.

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  1. I VOTE ULTRA ... i heart electronica too..

  2. OH.. and the lace thing wasn't stretchy :( so i couldn't make it too fitted else i'd had to have added a zipper... i'm on the hunt for stretchy lace though... if i find some i'll let you know :)

  3. the ultra lineup looks way better.

  4. coachella seems like a lollapalooza festival to me..i seen girl talk last year and he was incredible.

  5. ugh, "pushing 30"? You are still in quarter-life crisis age

  6. ULTRA.

  7. i'd vote for cochella, but i think your heart is saying ultra music festival.

  8. go to ultra! the mr. and i have been several times and have always had a blast. def of once in a lifetime experience quality. if you need any tips lemme know. also, if you decide ultra... better hurry up and book your hotel/condo NOW! places go REALLY quick!

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