I Die.


Dolce & Gabbana Suede Platform Wedge Ankle Boots
YSL Imperiale Pumps

I decided to stop lusting and start saving.

I opened another savings account (i now have 3) specifically for FANCY SHOES wherein a predetermined portion of my paycheck will be deducted and deposited into said FANCY SHOES account bi-weekly.

I probably should have started a WEDDING GOWN account and WEDDING SHOES account before the gratuitous FANCY SHOES account. Too much accounting....

Black and Blue


Opening Ceremony bodysuit, Arden B leather skirt, Nine West shoes, UO necklace, F21 bracelets.

Clouds-of-Tulle won tix to a local fashion show so she took me along. It was pretty.....terrible. Ok I know "fashion" and "style" and "art" are like totally subjective....but Ed Hardy? Can we pretty much all agree that Ed Hardy is objectively "bad fashion?" COME on. So much bedazzled dragons.

Inspired by Rachel Zoe, I decided to wear a slouchy beanie out in the summer. Tried it out on Monday night for some after dinner drinks. Head so hot. I think this may only work in CA.

I bought 10 pounds of Haribo Twin Cherries on Amazon. I eat them EVERYDAY everyday.



Target maxi dress, F21 belt and jewelry

I wore this to work (with a cardigan) last week for "Casual Friday." I took the photos after coming home from work. LOOK AT MY OILY FACE LOOK AT IT. Also the strange hair-loop coming out the side of my head.



F21 tank, H&M skirt, Asos booties, F21 necklace

BIG THANK YOU for all my readers who voted for us! We really pulled ahead on the last day! I know after all the contestants spammed their friends/family, it would be up to the INTERNETZ READERZ in deciding who won. THANKS for your support!

So the photogs haven't officially announced a winner yet, but I THINK we got this one... =)

Will update again once the official results are in!


Pursuit of Happiness

Less than 24 hours until voting ends!

If you haven't already, PLEASE VOTE FOR US at Table4Photo's engagement contest!

If you already have, THANK YOU SO MUCH! This contest is giving me so much anxiety. We have so many of you guys rooting for us that I feel like it's our duty to win. FOR MERITOCRACY.

Thanks, yall!

UO ruffle bandeau top, F21 highwaisted shorts, Nine West wedges, F21 necklace

I had a very eventful weekend! Started off at a fun wine bar INTERMEATZ dinner with Issa and Dru of wewearthings, foodie traveler Seo, and later met up Erica of clouds-of-tulle. We followed 4 bottles of wine with some unnecessarily large long island iced teas, and rounded out the night w/ PBRs, dancing at one of our regular spots. Fun times were had.

Unfortunately the night ended with Fiance finding one of his car windows smashed and my purse stolen. I know, stupid on my part to leave it under the seat in the car. Purse, wallet, credit cards, checkbook, ID, iphone, car keys, various makeup - GONE. SADDINGS!!

Canceled all my cards and checking account that night and discovered that the thieves had tried to get gas several times, went to a grocery store, tried to rent a car, and made a stop at a brake repair place. RANDOM! I will say that fraud protection these days is pretty awesome.

So I'm angry, obviously, but really - what's the point? I leave it as "these things happen" and take it as a "life tax." Don't leave your purse in the car. Lesson learned. Let's move on!

I AM sad that this had to happen at a place that we frequent semi-regularly. I blame it on the recession. And Kanye West.

Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness [ft. MGMT & Ratatat]


Reasons Why Alinea (Chicago, IL) is Cool:
  2. Chef Grant Achatz was diagnosed with tongue cancer in 2008 and subsequently lost his sense of taste as a result of chemotherapy and radiation.
  3. It is currently the #10 Restaurant in the World.
  4. Chef Grant Achatz studied under Thomas Keller at the age of 23.
  5. The readily apparent focus on the play between flavors and textures.

The functional centerpiece - to be continued.

Flatware was set up before each course on top of a padded plate.

Steelhead Roe - with traditional garnishes, including creme fraiche and "bread and butter" in the form of foam.

Pork Belly - with compressed iceberg lettuce, cucumber, micro cilantro, coriander seeds, and a "thai distillation" shot (background) to prep the palate.

Lilac - with scallop, mussels, razor clams, celery leaves, and honeydew foam.

Wagyu Beef - with powdered A-1, fried potato custard covered with crushed salt & pepper chips and micro chives.

The chef tried to recreate the flavors of A-1, but with natural ingredients and in powder form.

It just deserves another photo.

A broth was poured into "functional centerpiece" to create the aroma of a grill. And also to make our table look awesome.

Heirloom Tomato - with fig, nicoise olive, pine nut cheese, and olive oil snow (THAT WHITE THING IS OLIVE OIL).

Bacon - wrapped with butterscotch, apple, and thyme.

Lavender air filled pillow.

Rhubarb - with goats milk cheesecake, vidalia onion, and lavender air (COMING FROM THE PILLOW).

These weren't all the courses from the tasting menu, but gives you a pretty good sense of our dining experience. An "experience" was exactly what it was - you can't even call it a mere "meal." Anyways, I wish the photos turned out better (or that there was better lighting/I had a faster lens/I wasn't so hungry) because the food was truly beautiful. Not to take away from the TASTE of the food, of course, b/c MAN DID YOU SEE THE MARBLING ON THAT WAGYU.

Same But Not


Urban Outfitters dress, F21 seashell belt, Vince Camuto shoes, Urban Outfitters necklace

Do you tend to re-wear the same thing for periods at a time, or are you able to change things up daily? Apparently I'm a re-wearer because I just noticed as I was typing this entry out that I accessorized myself the same as the previous entry.

I wore this to go have some drinks at a party a friend was promoting. The DJ was playing vocal trance circa 2000-2002. Astroline - Close My Eyes comes to mind. I liked it at the time, but I just tried to listen to it on Youtube just now and it made me embarassed.

Take a looksie at my feature on TwentyThirtyForty. A huge thanks to Arlene and Brandon for such a great opportunity!

Talking Heads


F21 lace tank, UO highwaisted shorts, F21 seashell belt, Vince Camuto shoes

1. New hairs! Well, not really new, but the reemergence of the bangs. Now that Houston weather has dropped down to a CHILLY 90 degrees, the bangs are back.

2. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has already voted for Fiance and me on the Table4Photography contest. Especially those who voted multiple times (lol)! I am totally blown away by the support of my readers! Unfortunately, we have unexpectedly (and honestly, inexplicably) dropped to 2nd place, despite our strong start (hrmmm...) but voting doesn't end for another week and a half so we still have hope!

3. The first 2 photos were taken with my Canon. The 3rd picture was taken w/ Dru!!!'s Nikon. Different lenses, but settings were the same on both cameras (same f-stop and exposure). Interesting to see the difference in color.

4. I watched Lars and the Real Girl for the first time recently and I really enjoyed it. This Talking Heads song was featured in the movie. I also found a cover of the song, but as is true with most things, the original is better.



Fiance entered us in a giveaway for a free engagement photoshoot and we were picked as finalists!

It involved writing a story about ourselves. He asked me if I wanted to read it before he submitted it. I said no. The first time I read the story was this morning and I have to say, it is a preeeetty good one. =)

Click on over to Table4Photography's blog, read our story, and vote for us!



We're back from Chicago!

Things we learned:
  1. Chicago weather is awesome.
  2. Midwesterners are very nice.
  3. Giordano's is better than Gino's East.
  4. Barney's closes at 7 on weekdays.
  5. People don't get to the clubs until 1AM (and not 11PM, much to our chagrin).
  6. There are lots of Russian people.
  7. 7-Eleven sells liquor.
  8. Sales tax is 10.25%.
  9. Cigarettes are almost $8.

Fiance (and newly established filmographer) made a music video of our trip.  Click and you'll also be able to see a cameo by a certain bearded man from WeWearThings.