We're back from Chicago!

Things we learned:
  1. Chicago weather is awesome.
  2. Midwesterners are very nice.
  3. Giordano's is better than Gino's East.
  4. Barney's closes at 7 on weekdays.
  5. People don't get to the clubs until 1AM (and not 11PM, much to our chagrin).
  6. There are lots of Russian people.
  7. 7-Eleven sells liquor.
  8. Sales tax is 10.25%.
  9. Cigarettes are almost $8.

Fiance (and newly established filmographer) made a music video of our trip.  Click and you'll also be able to see a cameo by a certain bearded man from WeWearThings.

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  1. omg the video is so cute

  2. Oh wow! Awesome job on the video. I liked the clip from Alinea. I'm sure everyone had a great time! I hope you do an exclusive post on your experience there.

    Lucky you on the weather! I always go there when there's heavy rain, snow or just nasty weather.

  3. loved the video!! you all looked fabulous!!! your fiance did an awesome job on the editing and great song choice.

    do you mind giving me a few recommendations for restaurants? i'm planning a trip there in october and i have no idea where to start.

  4. love the vid! that's where we usually stay in chicago til that new hot one popped up this yr or last. was like watching my very first time in chi, thanks for bringing back the memories!

  5. cute video. chicago is a fun place.
    Read somewhere, "Everyone would be living in Chicago if it wasnt for the winters."

  6. Its the chicago bean! I've always wanted to see it. Gorgeous photos! I hope you guys had a great time on your trip :]

  7. lol @ the video/song choice. great job!

  8. good job!
    this object at 1st picture, I don't know, what it is, but looks like a big raindrop, awesome!

  9. fun video!
    i like dru's side burnzzzz. noice.

  10. pictures are gorgeous!!!!

  11. Glad you enjoyed our city!

  12. You guys are soo fun, the video is my fav!

  13. Nice vid lol. Is it Shakira who sings the song? What's the song title?

  14. nice pictures and love the vid... esp the hot asian buns!!!

  15. CANNOT believe you were in Chicago and didn't call us!!!!!!! Shame on you!! Hope you guys had fun. Weather is sooo nice lately, right?! Sorry we missed you and hope to catch you next time ;-)

  16. Great video and the pictures are amazing!

  17. loved the video!!!

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