Every Party Needs a Winner and a Loser

Loeffler Randall silk top, F21 pleather skirt, YSL Tributes, Banana Republic necklace

Two things I like:

1. This [old but rediscovered] song:
Erlend Oye - Every Party

2. My dog:

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  1. I'm one of those new readers you mentioned in your last post. I really enjoying reading your blog.

    Great outfit.

  2. Black and white done to perfection. and those YSL pumps,,,, every outfit looks better with them.
    Have a good one.

  3. Every dinner order needs a winner and a loser too. How good does it feel to be the one with the meal that everyone else is jealous of? ha. And I just refreshed 600 times.

  4. this outfit is so stylish! genial blouse

  5. great skirt, cute and sexy at the same time :)

  6. love black and white!!!

    the doggy pic is fun.


  7. Very nice black and white, i can never get bored seeing your YSL pumps.

    Wish you have a good day.

  8. love the top! looking good!

  9. Regardless of what everyone says, YSL Tributes are super HOT! Your first post showing off your Tributes motivated me to get some too.

    Love your blog!

  10. Completely hot! Just found your blog today and your style is great. You work the tributes well!

  11. I wish I could look like you in that skirt!!
    nice blouse

    and your dog is so lovely !!!

  12. Great song, great theme for the post!

  13. can't get over the gif that is Uno! =)

  14. and walking through that door you definately not a loser you look fab...

    as for the puppy awwwww what is his name?

    Vi from Cali

  15. lol. i love the dog.

  16. Love that you look so bad-ass here! It's so mee! love the back shot of you in the previous post too and the 10 things about you are awesome!

  17. wonderful look! and you dog!!! so cuuuuuute!

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