Phi#1:  AA tee, 7 For All Mankind knit skinnies, F21 cardigan, Zara gladiators
Phi#2:  Stephanie B. zipper tunic, Express leggings, Sam Edelman suede wedges, Gucci Pelham bag

Special post featuring the little sistar!

Yah, we gots the same hair this Christmas again.

My sister is home from Austin for the holidays and she spent the past weekend at my house.  We went to F21 yesterday and did some serious damage.

There are few people that I'm able to shop with because I'm a really aggravating shopper.  I shop slow and for a long time.  I take multiple trips to the dressing room.  I have to touch everything.  I have to try on everything - multiple times.  I'm indecisive and change my mind a lot.  I don't take breaks for eating, drinking, resting, or the bathroom.

It works out well for us because my sister shops the same way.

ETA better pics of the bag:


Metal Feet



Forever 21 shoes, studs from SpikesAndLeather on eBay

Yeah I just finished these about an hour ago while watching Private Practice and Top Chef and wanted to take pics and make a post right away, so the indoor kitchen lighting is kind of wack. I'll try to take better pictures with natural light another day.

So my initial idea was to use the mini 1/4 inch studs on the entire thing. The ENTIRE THING. How killer would that look??

Well after doing the strap across the toe, I quickly reconsidered this decision. Man those are hard to press - and it takes FOREVER!

So I used the big 1/2 inch studs to make a big square in the front, w/ the rounded spikes circling the top and coming up the sides in a diagonal.

My only complaint is that I wish the heel was higher than 3.25 inches. Shoes this fierce need to at least 4 inches!



I haven't had a music post since I've restarted this blog and I almost feel like I've been hiding something from everyone because well, music is a pretty big part of my life.  If I had to choose fashion or music?  Hmm....I'm actually trying decide as I'm typing this which one I'd pick.  It's hurting my brain so I'll just leave it as that's a tough decision.

Anyways, what prompted me to post a music entry is ROYKSOPP.

Royksopp is definitely in my TOP 5.  Maybe even my TOP 3.

I discovered Royksopp in 2005, which happened to be the last time they released a new album.  With only 2 full studio albums released and a 3+ year hiatus, I've come to become very familiar and attached to their music.  Anytime I unexpectedly hear a Royksopp song (at a lounge, on TV, at the hairdresser's), it's like instant good mood.  The beats, the words, Erlend Oye's voice.  I love it all.

Well, the big news is omg omg omg ROYKSOPP IS BACK!!11!!111!

They've released a new song, which you can download from their website, called Happy Birthday.

Ok so this song is pretty mediocre for Royksopp, but I'll take what I can get.  Happily anticipating their new album!

Downloads 4 U:
My favorite Royksopp song:  Someone Like Me
A good Royksopp song that you might have heard before:  Remind Me

James Perse (I <3 Knits)


James Perse henley and skirt, F21 belt, Max Studio pumps

I like knits.  Like, really like them.  American Apparel, Ella Moss, C&C California, James Perse.  I love thin, soft basics.  Boring?  Maybe.  Versatile?  Definitely.

I've worn the button henley shirt before (in my first post!), but I just got the skirt from the James Perse sale on Rue La La.*  It's a size 01, but it was a little loose at the waist, so I cinched it with a belt and I think it actually looks better w/ the gathered fabric.

I first discovered James Perse at a Nordstrom Rack when I was living in CA.  I'm not going to lie, it's pretty pricey for "just a T-shirt."  But you have to feel this stuff.  It is NOT just a T-shirt.  It's like Jesus in the form of textiles.

The solution to the price?  Never pay full retail!  I've always gotten my JP pieces from online sales, the sale racks at Saks and Nordstrom, and even TJ Maxx!

Now for the plug:  James Perse is having a private sale online.  All you have to do to access the sale is register your email at  Sale ends Monday!

I'm intrigued by this fleece Upside Down Jacket....  I do not own any JP jackets yet....

*Rue La La is one of those invite-only shopping sites.  If you need an invite, email me or leave me a comment.


As mentioned earlier, here are 2 of my DIY home decor projects:

The "planters" are actually desk organizers from Ikea.  They have 3 compartments are were meant to hold pens, pencils, notepads, etc.

The sticks are also from Ikea, but I cut them in half and trimmed them to be all the same height.  They're comprised of leaves, bamboo, and stick.

I went to Michael's and picked up some of that green plant foam and cut it to fit each compartment.  After sticking all the plants in, I covered the top with polished glass pebbles for some ~sparkle~.

Total cost for both:  $42.

My wall hangings were 24x36 picture frames, with the glass removed.  I cut lengths of ribbon and glued them along each edge, then weaved them.

I made 2 brown ones with a lined, thin, brown ribbon, and 1 gold one with thick, sheer ribbon.

Total cost for each hanging:  $20.

The completed projects displayed.

Our living room.

Shades of Gray


UO shirt, Target acid wash skinnies, Nine West lace-up platform booties, Lovestitch coat

Good lord there is a chance of snow today. SNOW. In TEXAS.

Behind me in the 2nd picture are a couple of my home DIY projects inspired by HGTV. I made those planters sitting on top of the console table, as well as those wall hangings, which will be hung on the wall behind our TV. Better pictures and more details to come.

Shiny Legs


Her: Target cardigan, AA night fever black leggings, Saks 5th Ave shoes, H&M scarf, AA gold chain.
Him: AA tshirt, Diesel jeans, H&M "leather" zip up hoodie, Gucci loafers.

Our attempt at a "rapper family picture." Everyone so SRS BSNS.

I concede that I am wearing full blown Leggings As Pants. Shiny ones at that. And not even halfway covered up by boots either! And I'm totally digging it.

I originally bought the AA Black Eel leggings because I liked the texture. But yo those things DID NOT stretch. It was like pulling on a tube of plastic. It hurt the back of my knee to bend my leg. =( And when I took them off, I had to peel (PEEL) them off my legs inside out, from the top down.

I could have gone a size up, but then the waist was too big. I know it looks like my legs are skinny in the pictures, but it's a total optical illusion. I have muscular "Britney legs," so skinny things that fit my waist are usually too tight around my calves and thighs.

Anyhow, I exchanged the Black Eels for Night Fever Black leggings in the same size and they fit (and stretch) so much better.

So the moral of this story is, if you have big legs, don't get the Black Eel leggings. If you have skinny legs, get the Black Eel leggings because I think they look better.

William Blake; Lord Byron


Forever 21 ruffled blouse, French Connection wide leg slacks, Nordstrom cardigan.

I look like a poet today.  A romantic poet, to be exact.  An Ode to a Grecian Urn-type poet.  It matches the house, which is cool too.

Pepper (pic #3) always looks like that.  She's so prim and pretty.  My sister and I always comment that we wished we were as pretty (and skinny) as Pepper.

Military Coat


Banana Republic sweater, Abercrombie pants, Armani Exchange coat, Saks 5th Ave pumps, UO necklace

So yesterday was a high of 77.  Today is a high of 57 and a low of 36.  Hence the coat.

I like this coat because of the "tulip skirt" bottom and when you zip it all the way up, it's very Janet Jackon Rhythm Nation.  There are zippers at the sleeves and 4 zippers in the front.  I need to find a spot in the house with better lighting so these things are more visible.

It's really weird, but I own several pairs of Abercrombie pants and shorts.  The size 00 fits me strangely well.  I think it's because they have such a low rise.  The super low rise is good for silly highschool girls who need to have their gut hanging over their shorts and a giant moose with ironic sayings on their chest.  The super low rise is also good for people with short torsos (e.g., me).

The gold chain detail on my shoes matched my necklace.  I carried the Chanel bag with the gold chain strap again today and realized it was sort of too matchy matchy.  Too many gold chains = too much of a good thing?  NEVAR.

Warm December


Alice + Olivia bell sleeve sweater, Abercrombie shorts, DIY Dr. Scholls suede boots

High of 77 today in Houston, TX.  In December.  In addition to officially declaring the recession, they should also declare global warming.

I tried my hand at the newest blogger craze - DIY Studding.  It took much longer than I originally anticipated.  No wonder the moccasins MK+A wore were like $200!  But I'd sit and stud while watching TV and it was actually kind of relaxing?  I'd sit and stud as opposed to sit and eat 1/2 a pint of icecream in one sitting.  This is a good substitute.

The 2 rows at the top go all the way around the back.  I wanted to put more, but couldn't decide where else to add them, so I just stopped.  If I could, I'd stud the entire thing.  How weird/awesome would that be??

I'm going to get some spikes and add spikes to something.

Wall Decor-ing

Apologies for the lack of updates! I know one of the main rules of blogging is to be regular with updates, but we've been moving stuff from the apartment to the new house and I've been running around ZGallerie, West Elm, The Container Store, Ikea, and Target buying things to furnish and organize the house. MAN I LOVE CABINETS AND DRAWERS. There's been like a 500% increase in storage space and I LOVE IT SO SO MUCH.

The house has high ceilings and lots of walls to cover so I've been looking at at prints (mostly letterpress prints) to frame and hang on the wall.


Drop by Drop

These are from HoneyLux.  Each one was inspired by a Latin phrase - "Inter Canem Et Lupum" and "Filatim, Gutatim," respectively (roughly translating to "Between Dog and Wolf" and "Drop by Drop, Thread by Thread").  I love how they're both so dark and haunting, but delicately beautiful at the same time.

Mustachio Nut

This one is from Ole Rattlesnake.  No explanation necessary.  It's just perfect in every way.