Shiny Legs

Her: Target cardigan, AA night fever black leggings, Saks 5th Ave shoes, H&M scarf, AA gold chain.
Him: AA tshirt, Diesel jeans, H&M "leather" zip up hoodie, Gucci loafers.

Our attempt at a "rapper family picture." Everyone so SRS BSNS.

I concede that I am wearing full blown Leggings As Pants. Shiny ones at that. And not even halfway covered up by boots either! And I'm totally digging it.

I originally bought the AA Black Eel leggings because I liked the texture. But yo those things DID NOT stretch. It was like pulling on a tube of plastic. It hurt the back of my knee to bend my leg. =( And when I took them off, I had to peel (PEEL) them off my legs inside out, from the top down.

I could have gone a size up, but then the waist was too big. I know it looks like my legs are skinny in the pictures, but it's a total optical illusion. I have muscular "Britney legs," so skinny things that fit my waist are usually too tight around my calves and thighs.

Anyhow, I exchanged the Black Eels for Night Fever Black leggings in the same size and they fit (and stretch) so much better.

So the moral of this story is, if you have big legs, don't get the Black Eel leggings. If you have skinny legs, get the Black Eel leggings because I think they look better.

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  1. awww what a cute lil rapper fam :)
    hahaha i just love your posts.
    cute leggings!

  2. i was gonna say that there's a ghost in front of you in that first photo.. but then figured it's probably your pupstar pepper

    i've been scared of the shiny leggings.. but love your look!

  3. that outfit is SO awesome. i really love your scarf.

  4. I really love your outfits... soooo adorable.. =)

  5. Love the scarf and the leggings look super! And that second photograph is AMAZING!

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