Shades of Gray

UO shirt, Target acid wash skinnies, Nine West lace-up platform booties, Lovestitch coat

Good lord there is a chance of snow today. SNOW. In TEXAS.

Behind me in the 2nd picture are a couple of my home DIY projects inspired by HGTV. I made those planters sitting on top of the console table, as well as those wall hangings, which will be hung on the wall behind our TV. Better pictures and more details to come.

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  1. omg ur legs are SO SKEENY. your house looks so modern! we're gonna be getting a house in sugarland in about 2 yrs or so.

  2. oooh target skinnies!! they look fab on you.. and i LOVE your coat!

    and your house looks practically fully furnished!! when we moved into our house all of our existing furniture fit into one bedroom... i can't wait to see more photos and your DIY projects..

    btw do i spy a DOMOKUN on your mantle?!

  3. hot. and congrats on your new house! btw, i never did win the la rok tunic on ebay. i completely lost track of time at work and missed it. i should have sniped it. oh well...perhaps another time. but thank u again for finding the auction. :)

  4. SNOW IN TEXAS??? eeekk!

  5. Pfft I want snow in London!! Love the acid wash skinnies and that coat is gorgeous!

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