As mentioned earlier, here are 2 of my DIY home decor projects:

The "planters" are actually desk organizers from Ikea.  They have 3 compartments are were meant to hold pens, pencils, notepads, etc.

The sticks are also from Ikea, but I cut them in half and trimmed them to be all the same height.  They're comprised of leaves, bamboo, and stick.

I went to Michael's and picked up some of that green plant foam and cut it to fit each compartment.  After sticking all the plants in, I covered the top with polished glass pebbles for some ~sparkle~.

Total cost for both:  $42.

My wall hangings were 24x36 picture frames, with the glass removed.  I cut lengths of ribbon and glued them along each edge, then weaved them.

I made 2 brown ones with a lined, thin, brown ribbon, and 1 gold one with thick, sheer ribbon.

Total cost for each hanging:  $20.

The completed projects displayed.

Our living room.

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  1. ur DIY project looks amazing and i heart ur house.
    I can't believe u own it since u look like ur 20!!
    u must be either freaking rich or just have a wonderful rich husband/boyfriend. hahahhaa
    aimeeways, i heart ur outfits and loove ur house. if i go to texas one day, i'll make sure i'll stop by ur house! haha

  2. WOWW!!!! how CHIC! i <3 it! i thought i was creative at one point in my life... but not anymore :( must take notes for future house!

  3. bravo!!! i love the planters and the wall hangings!! your living room looks absolutely divine! makes me wanna do some redecorating!

    ps. i wanna see your dining table next!

  4. so inspired...
    might blog again with outfits and house great buys.. hehheee

  5. your house looks amazing. i am so jealous that you own a house already in such a young age. and you have an amazing style. fashion and interior wise.

  6. very nice! your room looks amazing.

  7. wow, great diy and love your house!

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