A Little Respect


French Connection tank, Bebe silk pants, Johnny Wujek for Modern Vintage shoes, Banana Republic necklace

Quite possibly my new favorite shoes?  6 inches!  I die!
Also, I hadn't bought anything from Bebe in years, but these pants are pretty nice!  And silk!  And on clearance!  Respect, Bebe.  Respect.

What I wore to Cloud-of-Tulle's birthday dinner at Catalan.  It was my 4th time there, and although I've enjoyed all of my past experiences there, this time was disappointing.  Everything tasted oversalted.

I was supposed to leave for Cozumel tomorrow, but both sets of parents are guilt tripping us about SWINE FLU EPIDEMIC.  We explained that the chances of contracting were low, it targets the elderly/children, the World Health Organization has not declared it to be a pandemic, etc...  

However, arguing with reason to asian parents does not bode well.

So like any good child, we relented and cancelled our trip.  SADDINGS.

So we're going to Hawaii the Bahamas (?) nowhere instead!

Looks like everyone else had the same cancel-and-rebook idea.  Continental says EVERYTHING is booked.  FAIL.

Hair Tutorial: Wavy Curls

My 2nd tutorial!  This method takes significantly longer than 10-min curl tutorial, but you achieve a mane-full of voluminous waves.  It takes me about 20-30 minutes, depending on how much hair you have.

The main difference in this method is that instead of curling from the ends up to the roots, you curl starting at the roots down to the ends.  This gives you more volume at the roots, and thus BIGGER HAIR.  And BIGGER HAIR = GOOD.

I have to credit my friend Ann, who always has perfectly-styled hair, for showing me the technique.

  1. Start with dry hair (see my previous tutorial on tips on how to dry your bangs).

  1. Clip up 2/3 of your hair.  I usually make my first layer at where my eyes are.
  2. Take a 1-inch section and lightly hairspray.
  3. Start at the ROOT about an inch from you scalp with the clamp facing forward and the iron standing vertically.
  4. Curl it towards the back of your head and hold for 5-10 seconds.
  5. Slide the iron down a couple inches (yes, this is damaging to your hair; it will make a scary scraping sound).
  6. Curl it towards the back of your head, all the way to the scalp and hold for another 5-10 seconds.
  7. Repeat this process all the way down to the ends of your hair.
  8. The result should be a long ringlet thing.
When you get to the ends of your hair, you can either leave the last couple centimeters straight, or curl all the way to the end.  I usually curl the entire thing.

  1. After doing half of your head, repeat on the other side, again with the clamp facing forward and the iron standing vertically.
  2. Except now, curl it the opposite direction towards the back.
  3. Repeat until you curl all the way down to the ends.
  4. First layer finished!
Remeber you're supposed to be hairspraying each section before you curl.  I sometimes forget.  Oh well.

  1. Clip the finished first layer.
  2. Get your 2nd layer ready.
  3. Repeat the curling w/ the 2nd layer.
  4. 2 layers down, 1 to go!

  1. I curl my bangs doing the same technique since my bangs are pretty long.  If yours are shorter, you can curl your bangs the regular way (see my previous tutorial for tips).
  2. Right side (contemplate cutting your hair short).
  3. Left side (decide that this is a terrible idea).
  4. Yay finished....?...
When you do the top layer, concentrate on getting as much volume roots as possible.  This means getting as close to the scalp as you can, and holding the iron there for longer.

  1. Not quite - touch up any areas that need more curls.  Usually the very top layer at the crown of the head.
  2. Blast of hairspray all over.  You must also make this face.

  1. Before the hairspray sets, rake your fingers through your hair up and towards the back.
  2. Coax the curls into big waves.
  3. Finish with another blast (again with the face).
  4. NOW you are finished!


** SOLD **

I ordered these wonderful 5in+ Marni wedges, only to find that they were too small and not returnable!  SOOO disappointed.  I asked Fiance, do they look ok w/ my heel hanging out?  He was like, uhhhh.  =((((

So before I post them on eBay, I thought I'd see if any of my fellow fashionistas might be interested.

They are Marni Vitello lucite wedges and are brand new in box.

They are 5.75 inches high total, including the heel, lucite, and platform.

Includes the dustbag.

Size 38 (but I think fits more like a 7).

Marni Vitello Sandals

Color:  Tan
Size:  EU38 (US 8)
Height:  5.75 in.
Condition:  New in box with dustbag

Original Price:  $675
Asking Price:  $190
Shipping:  $10

Leave me a message or email me if you're interested or have any questions!

Brass Knuckles


F21 tunic, AA shiny legging, Chinese Laundry shoes, F21 necklace

Erica Anenberg gold double finger ring, F21 cuff

What I wore to concert last night.  Maybe a little overdressed...amidst the sea of jeans and chucks.

But The Faint were awwwweeesommme live!  Light shows and laser noises galore!  I love the keyboardist and his random turns at the synthesizer.  And that voice!  How does a voice sounding so mechanical and deep come from a man wearing such small pants?  It just doesn't make any sense.

Yesterday was also good because my package from Hautelook came in the mail.  I had ordered 2 Erica Anenberg rings and one of them is pictured above.  Love it!  It's like brass knuckles.  For me to punch you in the face with.

Gilty (Happy 420)


 Check it out for a short little Q&A.

And Tonight:

The Faint


Nice co-headliners!  Can't wait to see them live for the first time, esp. The Faint.  Expecting a lot of high energy dancing times, but given what day it is, maybe not?

The The Faint (haha) song listed below is an old song, but if you've never listened to them, you have to listen to a classic.  It feels a little frantic.  I like to run to it.

Ladytron - Black Cat

I Like Hat.


AA tank, F21 pants, Chinese Laundry shoes, F21 hat, Banana Republic necklace

Banana Republic necklace made into bracelet

I wanted to watch The Office, Parks and Recreation, and 30 Rock, but Fiance wanted to go out.  So I put this on b/c it required no effort: the tank top I have been wearing all week after I get home from work (gross, I know, but whatever I have less laundry to do) and the pants I had worn to work that morning.  YES no outfits wasted and no extra laundry!

We got home, ate Jack-in-the-Box's version of sliders (Mini Sirloin Burgers - they're OK), and then accessorized and arranged the dogs for pictures.

Just a regular Thursday night.

Dress Inspiration

Vera Wang "12395GN"

Vera Wang "Audrey"

You grow up hearing about "Vera Wang wedding gowns" and how that is THE dress to have.

Yeah, but isn't it almost passe to wear a Vera Wang on your wedding day at this point?  I mean, it's almost unoriginal to wear Vera Wang now.  There are SO MANY other wedding dress designers these days.

I thought this until I actively started looking at wedding dresses.


(Also, the price point is slightly better than a Christian Lacroix or Carolina Herrera.)

I love the clean lines of the "12395GN" (does anyone know the actual style name?).  But in the same vein, I love the layers upon layers of organza in the skirt of the "Audrey" dress.  Plus, BARBIE is wearing it HELLO???

I like that the detail in both of these dresses come from the actual construction of the dress, and not from embellishments like beading and sequins.  The beauty is simply in the fabric and silhouette itself.