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Vera Wang "12395GN"

Vera Wang "Audrey"

You grow up hearing about "Vera Wang wedding gowns" and how that is THE dress to have.

Yeah, but isn't it almost passe to wear a Vera Wang on your wedding day at this point?  I mean, it's almost unoriginal to wear Vera Wang now.  There are SO MANY other wedding dress designers these days.

I thought this until I actively started looking at wedding dresses.


(Also, the price point is slightly better than a Christian Lacroix or Carolina Herrera.)

I love the clean lines of the "12395GN" (does anyone know the actual style name?).  But in the same vein, I love the layers upon layers of organza in the skirt of the "Audrey" dress.  Plus, BARBIE is wearing it HELLO???

I like that the detail in both of these dresses come from the actual construction of the dress, and not from embellishments like beading and sequins.  The beauty is simply in the fabric and silhouette itself.  


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  1. Hello Phi,
    White is so innocent and sexy. You 're pretty girl. Adding yours in my blogs list.

  2. Stunning! have u tried any on yet? i still haven't tried any yet b/c we haven't set a date or the continent on which we will be marrying...

  3. hey tramanh! i found your blog recently haha.. i've been mia from the blogging world.. anyway! i've seen more than a few vera wang dresses among other designers at my mom's shop (she fixes mostly gowns and what not). the quality of the fabric and craftsmenship is soo much better on the more expensive designers (naturally) -- but there are also the knockoffs you can get at David's and such. similar but the fabric isn't as gorgeous in person -- i'm sure it shoots the same in pictures ha.

  4. wow, i'm loving the 2nd. and i'm not even a fishtail dress kinda gal! w.o.w.

  5. i can see you in the first one.

  6. will this be another package to be delivered to the house?

  7. Congrats!!!
    I love the mermaid style--Audrey!

  8. gorgeous seams on the first. i wish i could wear one around everyday. i could ignore the stares.

  9. Hey I haven't seen the 2nd one, i <3 it!
    lets go try on dresses.

  10. My favorite part of wedding planning was dress shopping. I think you would like the dresses in the boutique where I bought my dress: Casa de Novia. It has several designers like Palazzo, Bonaparte, and Jenny Kim which you don't find at other shops in Houston. Check them out.

  11. i thought i wanted a vera wang wedding dress, then i went to louise blum and tried them on and it just didnt look as great on me as it did in pics. eh... i really wanted a reem acra dress that was SO GORGEOUS, but the price tag was a hefty 5K, so i opted not.. heheh.

  12. BEAUTIFUL. Besides, who wouldn't love Audrey? Hmmm? Ha. :)

  13. Vera Wang dresses are amazing aren't they. Her designs are a perfect balance between simplicity and meticulous detail.

    I really like mermaid tail cut dresses too! I hope your wedding turns out perfect.

  14. Some Vera Wang dresses are just 2D4! I went for Monique L'Huillier instead, and felt so un-me and I changed my mind 2 months before the wedding. Instead I bought a non-wedding dress designer that just happened to be one of my fave designers. So happy I switched! :)

  15. I love the 187, my friends and models usually look at me funny but always want one when I'm done. haha I'm glad you like it! I don't usually use my cream foundations by itself either. I spray my sponge or brush damp with MAC Fix + and it works out better that way for me. I also don't use products with silicone in it, for instance, the Laura Mercier and Smashbox you mentioned? The silicone in it acts as a wax almost, always making my face shiny and slick (gross) and eventually clog pores and voila = breakout! Hope that helps.. I went back into my kit and discovered about 75% of my stuff has silicone in it. I've always wanted to try SKII tho! Heard so many great things about it.

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