AA Sexuali-Tank, AA skit, random thigh highs, Wanted shoes

F21 headband, stacking rings, bracelet, necklace; BF's Omega Seamaster watch; engagement ring(!!)

YECH the first couple pictures are blurry.  Tried out a new spot for photo taking and apparently the lighting is pretty bad.  I really need to buy that external lazy...and would rather buy $350 shoes than $350 gadget*. =|

*Edit:  Ok I found it for $275 on Amazon.  Still cannot pull the trigger.

Oh and this new layout.  It lets me post bigger pictures, which is nice.  What was not nice was that it erased all my links so I had to manually re-add each one.  I tried to go through and find all my bloggers, but if I forgot anyone, please let me know!  I'm not trying to phase you out!  (How sad would that be?  Maybe as sad as being unfriended on Facebook?)

So this combination of thigh highs and high waisted mini makes one look deceptively tall, right?  Also, the all-black factor of the socks + shoes.  A surefire recipe for legginess!

The giant bow headband I bought on a whim.  It makes my hair appear even bigger, which is great.  I love that Texas loves big hair.

Went out to a club in midtown where I saw this girl whisper to her male friend and laugh at my bow.  She had on a bad outfit.  Sometimes I hate Texas.

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  1. haha awww.. people are mean sometimes. at least u are being noticed :) they don't know anything about style, hahaha.

    anyway i am originally from sj but went to college in central cali and will be moving to sd since my bf lives there. i know so confusing! so my blog is kind of everywhere right now...

    did u go to law school in sj? or college? or are u originally from here? crazy!!

    and thigh highs always make for longer legs, i love it. if only i could wear it in the daytime without feeling self-conscious!

  2. i love the big bow! houston is really a misunderstood city. sometimes, you come across ppl that are still stuck in the cave-ages. oh well, leave them in the dust, you look great.

  3. omg i like that headband.. makes me wanna wear my mini top hat..

    and i'm all about the otk socks.

  4. Gorgeous!!! I loved thigh highs since I was 8. I wonder, when does one outgrow them? I want to wear them even when I get old haha.

  5. u shoulda smacked a bitch. and i love the headband!!

  6. I get that all the time in Houston everywhere, I know how you feel. People will point, stare, and laugh like they know what they're talking about. Whatever right! I think your bow is too cute! Where in Midtown did you hit up?

  7. I.

    I kinda need to get my ass to houston soon. maybe work will send me . . . .

  8. your makeup looks fabulous!

    i love the big bow! it's totally something I would wear too. I wore a sparkly headband to work the other day and some lady commented on my "tiara". whateves.

  9. imo, you have one of the best blogs out there, and it actually makes me happy that someone as awesome as you lives in houston.

  10. I tried new layouts last night as well and ended up deleting my links. Still in the process of adding everyone back in. And till haven't found a new layout.

  11. Gorgeous!!

    I love thigh highs but i can't wear them here (Spain is not really into that, at least my home-town isn't).

    I follow and love your blog so i've linked u as a "blog i love to follow" :)

    Love, Soul

  12. the bow headband is so lovely, adore the knee high socks look & want your necklace!! :)

  13. I hate mean girls. Hmph.

  14. Oh my! That ring is
    S T U N N I N G!

    Congratulations once again, have you set a date yet? :)

  15. OMG! who could laugh at that bow?! I love it! Your outfit is fantastic and the bow is the perfect finishing touch!

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