Colorblock Dress


I love Target's Go International line.

Like, I'm really impressed that they've gotten designers that actually emulate high fashion, but translate it into affordable, wearable pieces.

I picked up this dress and first fell in love with the colors - grey and yellow. Then I saw the ruffled detailing at the top, the pockets, and the pleated skirt. Then I saw the zipper in the back.

I love details.

The dress is also well-tailored, so it fits even my small, short frame. My only complaint would be that it squishes my boobs, though it fits everywhere else. I am not "well-endowed" by any means, but there is definitely some flattening going on. A small price to pay.

The dress actually reminds me of 3.1 Phillip Lim's skirt with the exposed contrast zipper.

Except that this skirt costs $320. The dress comes at a fraction of the price.

Price: $39.99
Vendor: Target

Largo Console


Haven't seen this table in person yet, but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it online.


It's a great accent table to put to the side of a room, or behind a couch. It's funky, but the the refined colors and shape make it discrete enough to stick in a room and not seem out of place.

Too much Z Gallerie furniture can make it seem like you live in an eternal African safari, but a couple of pieces can add just the right amount of fun.

Going to try to find a store that has it on the floor before I pull the trigger.

Price: $299
Vendor: Z Gallerie

Linden Sofa & Ottoman


Form over function?

We originally bought a different sofa from West Elm because it looked cool. Cube-shaped and clean lines.

Then we tried to watch a movie while sitting on it.

Fail. Two people can't even fit comfortably on the chaise at the same time.

So we took a trip to Z Gallerie and saw the monstrosity above.

We took a seat and ordered it the next day. Along with the matching ottoman.

  • Oversized, deep seats. Most couches have a depth of 36 inches. This one is 48 inches deeps. My feet don't reach the floor.
  • Soft and squishy. I don't even know why we even originally bought a couch described as "cube." Squishy is definitely better.
  • Rivets. I love the hardware on the couch. That, along with the rolled arms give it an antiquey/kitschy feel.
  • 7 pillows. The couch includes 7 down/feather-filled pillows.

With some items, I will defer function for form. Like shoes. I'll wear beautiful shoes until my feet are blistered and bleeding. But with things like furniture - if it's the primary couch that you're going to be sitting in, it better be comfortable.

Luckily, this one not only looks cool, but feels awesome too.

Price: $1399 (Sofa); $399 (Ottoman)
Vendor: Z Gallerie

Over-the-Knee Boots


So I was late on jumping on the
Gossip Girl bandwagon, but with the writer's strike in tow, I successfully caught up with season 1 and am now eagerly awaiting April 21 for a new episode!

The show is pretty reminiscent of The OC (which I LOVED, btw), though I think OC had wittier dialogue. But the fashion. OH the fashion....

Probably the most talked about fashion item of last season was Serena Van der Woodson's grey suede over-the-knee boots. Especially after it was revealed that they were made by
Chinese Laundry and less than $100.

I coveted. I pined. I obsessively checked Zappos, Macy's, Chinese Laundry, Amazon, and eBay - but alas, they were ALWAYS sold out in grey.

This was months ago. The grey suede is STILL sold out everywhere.

I caved and ordered a pair of the brown suede ones because, well....I need them. Like I need the 15 other pairs of knee-high boots currently in my closet.

Style: Strate*
: $100 (free shipping, no tax)
Vendor: Zappos

*Note: They also make a style called "Top," which is exactly the same, but with a wider calf so you can tuck them into jeans.

AA Deep V-Neck


Yes, I know it's been a while. I've just been so busy. So busy.

This is my new favorite basic. The American Apparel Tri-Blend Deep V-Neck.
  • Tri-Blend means that it's Cotton/Polyester/Rayon, so it's super soft
  • It's thin but heavy, so it does that good drapey thing without being clingy and touching your stomach too much.
  • It's AA which means it's slim-fitting (like everything else they sell)
  • It's a mens shirt, so the V goes a bit lower on a girl, but not in a slutty way. Unless your boobs are bigger than a B-cup (which mine are not). Then it might look slutty. Unless you want to look slutty. Then by all means, buy that XS.

It currently comes in Athletic Blue and Athletic Grey (i have both), but the website indicates that Indigo, Evergreen and Orchid are coming soon. OOOOOH INDIGO.....

Vendor: American Apparel
Price: $18