Linden Sofa & Ottoman

Form over function?

We originally bought a different sofa from West Elm because it looked cool. Cube-shaped and clean lines.

Then we tried to watch a movie while sitting on it.

Fail. Two people can't even fit comfortably on the chaise at the same time.

So we took a trip to Z Gallerie and saw the monstrosity above.

We took a seat and ordered it the next day. Along with the matching ottoman.

  • Oversized, deep seats. Most couches have a depth of 36 inches. This one is 48 inches deeps. My feet don't reach the floor.
  • Soft and squishy. I don't even know why we even originally bought a couch described as "cube." Squishy is definitely better.
  • Rivets. I love the hardware on the couch. That, along with the rolled arms give it an antiquey/kitschy feel.
  • 7 pillows. The couch includes 7 down/feather-filled pillows.

With some items, I will defer function for form. Like shoes. I'll wear beautiful shoes until my feet are blistered and bleeding. But with things like furniture - if it's the primary couch that you're going to be sitting in, it better be comfortable.

Luckily, this one not only looks cool, but feels awesome too.

Price: $1399 (Sofa); $399 (Ottoman)
Vendor: Z Gallerie

4 comments :: Linden Sofa & Ottoman

  1. This is the single most comfortable piece of furniture I have ever had the privilege of sitting on, LoveSacs included.

    My next place will definitely have the set in it!

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  4. I am considering getting this sofa but have heard it doesn't hold up well over time. Do you still have the couch? If so, do you still love it?

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