AA Deep V-Neck

Yes, I know it's been a while. I've just been so busy. So busy.

This is my new favorite basic. The American Apparel Tri-Blend Deep V-Neck.
  • Tri-Blend means that it's Cotton/Polyester/Rayon, so it's super soft
  • It's thin but heavy, so it does that good drapey thing without being clingy and touching your stomach too much.
  • It's AA which means it's slim-fitting (like everything else they sell)
  • It's a mens shirt, so the V goes a bit lower on a girl, but not in a slutty way. Unless your boobs are bigger than a B-cup (which mine are not). Then it might look slutty. Unless you want to look slutty. Then by all means, buy that XS.

It currently comes in Athletic Blue and Athletic Grey (i have both), but the website indicates that Indigo, Evergreen and Orchid are coming soon. OOOOOH INDIGO.....

Vendor: American Apparel
Price: $18

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