I Like Hat.

AA tank, F21 pants, Chinese Laundry shoes, F21 hat, Banana Republic necklace

Banana Republic necklace made into bracelet

I wanted to watch The Office, Parks and Recreation, and 30 Rock, but Fiance wanted to go out.  So I put this on b/c it required no effort: the tank top I have been wearing all week after I get home from work (gross, I know, but whatever I have less laundry to do) and the pants I had worn to work that morning.  YES no outfits wasted and no extra laundry!

We got home, ate Jack-in-the-Box's version of sliders (Mini Sirloin Burgers - they're OK), and then accessorized and arranged the dogs for pictures.

Just a regular Thursday night.

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  1. It is a very cute hat, kind of reminiscent of the 20's.

    Oh those teeny burger things. The commercial for them is rather annoying.

  2. Gorgeous!!
    I love the hat... the whole outfit in fact!
    Greatings from the other side of the Atlantic!! hihi
    Love, Soul

  3. Awww, I was going to say that was so cute that one dog was hugging the other dog but then I read that you "arranged" it. LOL. :) I would just die if my dogs did that too each other. They can barely share the same bed without getting all territorial about their space.

    Anyway, that's still really cute!

  4. wow, I love the whole outfit, so casually chic.

  5. Chic and fab :) Love rewearing things cause it means less laundry haha. Your thursday nights sound so fun and make me miss my BF.. long distance sucks at the moment.

  6. I love your style!

  7. i like hat too. sounds like a busy thursday! your pups are adorable.

  8. This look is amazing, I love the hat! Your styling is always perfect.

  9. omg dog bracelet SO KUTE.

  10. Anna - to be fair, i DID put uno's left arm around pepper, but she laid on his shoulder like that by herself!

  11. the fact that this outfit is effortless just shows how fab your style is. totally loving it!

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