Gilty (Happy 420)


 Check it out for a short little Q&A.

And Tonight:

The Faint


Nice co-headliners!  Can't wait to see them live for the first time, esp. The Faint.  Expecting a lot of high energy dancing times, but given what day it is, maybe not?

The The Faint (haha) song listed below is an old song, but if you've never listened to them, you have to listen to a classic.  It feels a little frantic.  I like to run to it.

Ladytron - Black Cat

11 comments :: Gilty (Happy 420)

  1. Yay!!!

  2. How awesome are you!

  3. Omg I didn't even know Gilt did that! Congrats!! =)

  4. The Faint The Faint The Faint...JEALOUS. Oh, also, congrats. =) You deserve it, with all your ass-kickery.

  5. very cool feature, great answers! didn't know gilt did that either.

  6. ur officially my famous fashion friend! <3

    and p.s. i love that ur domestic destination is SF! <3 again!

  7. cool feat. congrats! have fun dancing the night away. :)

  8. love, love, love ur hair!

  9. love the leggings... and the ring. !

  10. cool! you look so pretty!

  11. How could they not choose this look! I think this is one of my all time favourites.

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