Brass Knuckles

F21 tunic, AA shiny legging, Chinese Laundry shoes, F21 necklace

Erica Anenberg gold double finger ring, F21 cuff

What I wore to concert last night.  Maybe a little overdressed...amidst the sea of jeans and chucks.

But The Faint were awwwweeesommme live!  Light shows and laser noises galore!  I love the keyboardist and his random turns at the synthesizer.  And that voice!  How does a voice sounding so mechanical and deep come from a man wearing such small pants?  It just doesn't make any sense.

Yesterday was also good because my package from Hautelook came in the mail.  I had ordered 2 Erica Anenberg rings and one of them is pictured above.  Love it!  It's like brass knuckles.  For me to punch you in the face with.

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  1. Phi, I am so in love with double finger rings, I just blogged about's a name plate ring, and I totally love it!

    You are so fab, I love your blog!!! I check it daily!

  2. I don't know how many more times I can say I love your hair. *not to self* You look great! I haven't caught a concert in Houston since Coldplay & Madonna.

  3. HAWTNESS. i like that tunic.. how come you always find the most perfect items from f21? i need to follow you there so we can fight over items. just don't wear the ring.

  4. You always look so pretty.

  5. Love your whole outfit. F21 is my favorite store. I have the same cuff you do.

  6. Dark hair must be coming back! Issa told me we all dyed our hair on the same day!!!! :) You look gorge.

  7. LOVE your Chinese Laundry heels & your whole outfit is super cute!

  8. Cute outfit. I can't wait until this weekend, NYC is supposed to finally warm up. I miss summer clothes :(

  9. I absolutely love this, you look amazing as always and that ring is so hot!

  10. great tunic! i love how you've been shopping around for deals lately. i've got the shopping bug too.

  11. love the top & the heels!

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