A Little Respect

French Connection tank, Bebe silk pants, Johnny Wujek for Modern Vintage shoes, Banana Republic necklace

Quite possibly my new favorite shoes?  6 inches!  I die!
Also, I hadn't bought anything from Bebe in years, but these pants are pretty nice!  And silk!  And on clearance!  Respect, Bebe.  Respect.

What I wore to Cloud-of-Tulle's birthday dinner at Catalan.  It was my 4th time there, and although I've enjoyed all of my past experiences there, this time was disappointing.  Everything tasted oversalted.

I was supposed to leave for Cozumel tomorrow, but both sets of parents are guilt tripping us about SWINE FLU EPIDEMIC.  We explained that the chances of contracting were low, it targets the elderly/children, the World Health Organization has not declared it to be a pandemic, etc...  

However, arguing with reason to asian parents does not bode well.

So like any good child, we relented and cancelled our trip.  SADDINGS.

So we're going to Hawaii the Bahamas (?) nowhere instead!

Looks like everyone else had the same cancel-and-rebook idea.  Continental says EVERYTHING is booked.  FAIL.

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  1. HAHA arguing with asian parents seriously does nothing, agreed.

    Loveee the heels!!! So how tall are you with those sexy thangs? Those pants are awesome. You rock it hun!

  2. I think that's called failing upward. Have the best time.

    (Love this look as usual. Sexy sexy.)

  3. wow so brave to step inside bebe and SO LUCKY.. pants are hot.


  4. i will say that BEBE's style has gotten better. i used to love shopping in BEBE, but for a while now, idk to me their style wasn't up to par as before. :] thank GOD it's picked up! YAY!
    i'm absolutely loving the shoes and pants!

    wow.. EVERYONE is talking about the Swine flu these days. haha interesting. it sucks that you had to cancel your trip because of it :[

    but so far, i think you're good with the Bahama's. it hasn't hit here in Hawaii yet, but it did hit New Zeland so it could come here *shruggs*

    <3 Krissy

  5. Do we get to vote, cuz I think you should come to Oahu...city and the sea, can't beat that! The weather has been amazing!

  6. Oh and you look amazing as usual!

  7. i heart silk anything! would wear it all day everyday if i could.

  8. My hubs and I are supposed to go to Playa del Carmen the first week of June, but we havent decided if we wanted to cancel our trip yet. Its for a friend's wedding so I think we are going to wait about a week or so to see what happens.

  9. Love your shoes!

  10. O wow.

    So I randomly came across your blog via many clicks of my mouse, and as I was looking at your old posts, I pulled my husband to the computer and shouted, "Is that Tu Phan???" I can't believe I've been reading the blog of the fiance of a college friend of ours. Tell Tu that Wayne and Annie say HI!!!

    Love your outfit by the way!

    Come check out my blog. It's still in the baby phases =) It's only 2 days old! hehe


  11. O, and I almost forgot... CONGRATS!!!!

  12. i love your hair tutorials and style! you're such a pretty face, i linked you =]

  13. oh and i forgot to mention that this outfit rocks!

  14. love the outfit, sexy and cute

  15. this is different...nice

  16. Try this link (w/ volume on mute) for all swatches: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFKeQJ2B3dY&feature=related

    I personally like the matte/satin finishes and like to go pretty colorful. Try purples! Looks amazing for brown eyes. Also oranges/golds for summer.

    The sale section has stuff for 75% off!

    Neutrals: peach, skin, walnut bronze, eutopia, chocolate...

    Colors: 24 karet, marrakesh, algae, jazzy bronze, navy...

    Just SOME favs off the top of my head...

  17. Oh I should mention that NYX shadows are super delicate and will smash up if you're not careful... =/ Still great for cheap tho.

  18. I love this outfit too!

  19. Gorgeous outfit! Sophisticated and sexy!

  20. Love the Bebe silk pant. You look so beautiful!
    Hope all is well.
    Nini Nguyen

  21. i like those pants, i think i saw them online. they look good on you

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