Bigger, Better

AA Sexuali-Tank, F21 linen harem pant, Chinese Laundry shoes, F21 necklace

These photos are better quality, right?  Less grainy?  Right??

I could not for the life of me figure out why my photos would upload so weirdly.  I've noted this before - my pictures look really different in Lightroom than when upload them on Blogger.  I changed my color management on Firefox, saved my photos in sRGB format instead of the other profiles - all this crazy computer man stuff.

Anyways I was going to just give up.  Then I had the idea of uploading with a third-party host.  I also happened to jump on this domain+hosting deal I found online a couple days later.

Which led to the birth of WWW.PHI-STYLE.COM.


There's nothing there except a funny picture of Uno.  And I probably will do nothing with it.

I'm a little irked that (with no dash) was already taken.  WTF?  What IS that?  Why so weird and AZN?

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  1. hahahhah i thought was gonna give me a virus!!! and i call those pants BALLOONO pants lol

  2. Ummm you need a disclaimer by, I totally clicked on it while watching TV and wasnt paying attention to what loaded until hubby was like WTH are you looking at....i looked at my computer and just stuttered. hahaha!

    You are adore as usual!

  3. oooh i saw those pants online.. they look good on!

    and i've totally considered getting

  4. Pink Posh actually did my engagements and wedding. I love their work so much that I am hoping to put together a creative idea for a fun shoot with my husband. A few of my friends are using her this year as well.

    Brooke Schwab has a great eye and I stalk her blog too. I think Laura Kay has moved to the DC area? If you need any vendor names, I just got married in February and would be glad to help.

  5. What a great outfit! I really like everything about it. Also your shoes in your previous post are gorgeous. And you´re very pretty!
    The second picture is very cool!

    check out my style too at

  6. the pants looks awesome on ya!

  7. loveeeeeee

  8. Fantastic pants. Harems in LINEN???? Nice. And love the way you styled them :)

  9. so glad i was not at work when i clicked on that link - what the? don't u hate it when ppl waste a perfectly good domain name? actually i shouldn't talk since i bought a web address 5 yrs ago but haven't done anything with it yet, doh! u look gorgeous as usual!!! i love harem pants but they don't look good on me :(

  10. The shoes are so seductive! haa. The pictures look pretty good to me??

  11. omg LOVE the silly pic of Uno!

  12. Beautifull outfit! :)

  13. Love it! <3

  14. Thanks for your comments.You always look stylish and chic.

  15. love the pose on the second picture. bigger = better, for pictures & for hair!

    love the blog!


  16. you are suck a sex kitten!

  17. great pants

  18. i just found your blog and i'm stoked. it's sweet. your style is awesome.

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