Neck Candy

1. Pearl Chain Drape Necklace - $8.80
2. Jeweled Medallions Necklace - $6.80
3. Floral Cut 0ut Bib Necklace - $7.80
4. Shirley Drape Necklace - $5.80
5. Pearl Bead Drape Neckalce - $12.80
6. Pearl Safety Pin Necklace - $13.80
7. Princess Drape Necklace - $19.80
8. Stone Drape Necklace - $13.80

Time to go visit the accessories department of Forever21.

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  1. omg drool... those are some amazing necklaces! damnit, i was just at forever the other day but didn't have time to look at the accessories. sigh... time to take another trip back.

    btw, love the last look. and yea, i had trouble with my pics looking all grainy when i uploaded them directly onto blogger. once i switched to imageshack, the images turned out ALOT better.

  2. i've always been a pearl girl. i want that drapey pearl necklace.... NOW.

  3. I totally agree. I want that crazy jewel drape necklace near the bottom, but I haven't seen it in person yet!

  4. love love love!!! forever 21 is so great for accessories!

  5. Wooow,so many beautiful necklaces
    for such great prices!
    Great selection!
    You have a lovely blog!
    (also your photos in your last post are AMAZING!)

    Stay BEAUTY!

  6. Thank you for your sweet comment!
    I love all of these necklaces, it sucks that we don't have forever 21 here! :(


  7. F21 is also my go-to. Lately I've found fun pieces at Express. On sale.

  8. so cheap and chic!

  9. love pearls n safety pins!

  10. such gorgeous pieces!!!

  11. they are getting it soooo right.

  12. a million years after this post, i'm finally leaving a comment. i'm so bad with my reader- sorry!!

    anyway- loving these statement pieces. so shocked they're F21! such a great post bc i've been looking for some killer & economical necklaces. I will def be making a stop in soon!

  13. absolutely PERFECT for summer!

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