Best Woman

Phi #1:  F21 burnout tank, Urban Outfitters highwaisted leather skirt, F21 rhinestone necklace
Phi #2:  Urban outfitters ombre fringe tank, Urban Outfitters leather zipper skirt, F21 bracelet

My little sister officially finished college this past Friday and came down to visit and par-tay.  We "the same, but different."

My sister is going to be my Maid of Honor, but she's insisting on being called my "Best Woman." It's just funnier.

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  1. both of you have such incredible style!
    :] lol that is funnier. and i think it's more personable.

    <3 Krissy

  2. what a great looking family!

  3. aww i wish my sister was older!!!! u guys are sooo cute.

  4. I love both of your styles! gorgeous!

  5. i wish i had a sister!!!

  6. i also like how you guys match, but not really.

  7. not really match. not not really like.

  8. Awww my lil sis is my best friend also....we live so far apart but when we are together its amazing! Dance parties, shopping, clothes swaps, crazy laughter, and even some good old fighting!!! I see her in 3 days...can't wait!

  9. you and your sis are too kute.

    love the leather skirts!

  10. two ridiculously hot girls in ridiculously hot outfits. LOVE.

  11. So awesome. Great things are happening then. Finishing college and getting married, congrats to you both!

  12. It's just like how King of the Table is funnier.

  13. you girls look adorable!

  14. Aw you and your sister are so cute!


  15. these pics are so cute!

  16. The outfits are lovely!

  17. awww, you and your sister are too cute! loving the high waist skirts!

    to answer your question (i just saw the comment today... is there an option where it'll notify me of new comments?), i got a small in the black tank and an xsmall in the gray one (the shorter one with a more dramatic racerback). i don't think there's very much difference in the two.

  18. You guys look fabulous and I'm loving that necklace!

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