F21 chiffon blouse, F21 skirt, Urban Outfitters double buckle belt, Modern Vintage shoes

My little brother had his confirmation ceremony this past weekend.  OMG LONGEST CHURCH EVAR WHY 2+ HOURS.  This is what I wore.  It is probably inappropriate.  My mom said she liked my outfit though so ALL GOOD.

So I made My First Official Wedding Plan today.  I hired a wedding planner.  Yeayaeyyeayyh!  THE BALL IS ROLLING, GUYS.

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  1. you look so adore! i LOVE this outfit because it manages to be sweet, sophisticated & a little scandalous all at the same time. so hot!

    congrats on your first wedding plan!! xx

  2. your shoes matched your outfit perfectly. I love your blouse, your skirt and your everything!!
    wish you all well in your wedding plan!

  3. your shoes are too hot... and i really want to go shopping at f21 with you sometime. i never find anything! i guess i am not patient enough to dig for clothes :/

  4. ^totally agree. your next tutorial should be "how I snag such great things at f21" + they should fire all the stylists who style clothes for their website, and hire you! uh well, do they actually have stylists who style those outfits? anyway, congrats on making your first wedding plan.


    i remember confirmation like it was yesterday and i was bored too.. hahah yay for wedding planner :) i'm sooo jealous.. i want my BF to propose!

  6. I absolutely LOVE this outfit...check out those amazing shoes!

  7. Just fabulous! :)

  8. Fabulous outfit! I didn't hire a planner for my wedding because I thought I could do it all. I did for the most part, but looking back I wished I hired someone for the week before the wedding to help out with some small DIY items I had to 86 cause I had no time. And if I had a planner there the day of my table numbers that I spent several hours on would have been used instead of the plain old white and black ones from the ballroom.

  9. so adorable!!! love it!

  10. SUUUPER cute! Love the hair with the top!

    Congrats on hiring a planner, I'm pretty sure I'd drive my planner insane. Haha. Lots of luck!

    xoxo, steph

  11. LOVE THE TOP.. and those shoes.

  12. cute outfit!! totally appropriate for church too, imo =) this coming from someone who wore a risque wedding dress for a church ceremony, but whatevs.

    yea i totally love the tanks from awang. i also got the gray muscle tee too, in a small but i should have gone with xsmall.. in case you were wanting to get some tees.

  13. gorgeous girl! you look amazing.

  14. I really like this outfit, very cute!

  15. u look gorge!
    i have this top n it's great for work too under a blazer. i almost never find xs sizes in their tops, this was the 1st. i only wish it was made of some natural fabric...oh well,its pretty.

  16. I don't think it's inappropriate at all. I really love how sweet yet professional you look. I think that belt added the perfect touch to that top!

    CONGRATS on the FiRST wedding plans! haha good call on the wedding planner being the first one :]

    <3 Krissy

  17. Woa. That first pic doesn't even look like you. You look Spanish. 6 feet tall, three inch long eyelashes, Flamenco dancing, fan waving Spanish. Pretty good.

    Oh, great outfit. Your mum said it, so it must be true. Life Law Numero Uno.

    Best wishes with the wedding plans. My co-worker tells me that taste testing the dinner is the best part.

  18. Good choice on hiring a wedding planner! When I get engaged - I'm so doing that, too! Which one did you hire? I worked for one when I was home last year.

  19. this outfit is fabulous!

  20. lovely...:)

  21. Cute outfit, LOVE your shoes!


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