Neon Skirts and a PSA

F21 cut-out blouse, F21 linen skirt, BCBGirls sandals, Viv &  Ingrid necklace

I haven't posted  a "work outfit" in a while.  Since Texas decided that it should skip spring entirely and just move right along to summer (95 degrees what?), I've been wearing a lot of lightweight tops and skirt or dresses to work.  You know.  For that breeze between your legs lol.

The color of the skirt is pretty neon, but is toned down by the textured linen material.  Is there such thing as "work-appropriate colors?"

Going to meet up a friend tonight to register to be a bone marrow donor.  

I didn't know this before, but tissue and bone marrow transplants are not only based on tissue type, but is largely based on DNA.  These transplants are a lot more successful when the donor and recipient are genetically similar; therefore, ethnicity plays a key role in being matched for a transplant.  For example, a black person has a better change of being matched with a black person.  The same is true with Hispanics and Asians.

There's a shortage in minorities registered to be bone marrow donors.  If you're white, you have a 75% of being matched.  If you're Asian, that percentage drops to 25%.

Registering only requires getting a swab of the inside of your mouth and doesn't guarantee that you WILL be a donor.  When the time comes, you can always opt out of course, but the procedure is apparently relatively painless (save for some back aches).

I've always wanted to give blood but wasn't able to meet the requirements.  The only requirement for blood marrow donation is that you're over 18 and under 60 and in good health.

Consider registering too!

National Marrow Donor Program - FAQs

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  1. Love the skirt.

    I think it's so great you're registering to donate bone marrow. They never take my blood either, definitely something to consider. Some people think I'm nuts because I have organ donor noted on my driver's license. I think it's kinda crazy when people aren't.

  2. I like the outfit. And I especially like the way you did your ponytail!

  3. omg this outfit is so awesome.. so cute!!!! the color of your skirt is so pretty.. and the shoes!!

  4. AH i love this outfit so much!!

    ugh stupid willowbrook f21 with no fun clothes.

    haha and the Lambda's made me register as a bone marrow donor back in college.. yay!

  5. wait a minute.. i had to give a small vile of blood to register as a donor... what is this mouth swabby bsns... it's a trap!

  6. Great outfit! I tend to go casual in the workplace, but nothing like a bright neon color to welcome spring/summer! Love the look.

    Good to know about bone marrow, I never really thought about it, but since being Asian drastically reduces your chances.

  7. 1. totally loving your ability to pull off color. been such a struggle for me this season & my go to color is black... but you're definitely rockin' that neon. loves.

    2. thanks so much for drawing attention to the importance of donating bone marrow. i had no idea the statistics were so low for minorities. definitely considering getting registered!

  8. you make forever21 pieces look like they cost a million bucks!

  9. You're ridiculous, your make-up looks great. Speaking of which, which lipgloss / lipstick do you use? It's so hard for me to find something that doesn't clash with our skintone, and I like yours a lot.

    I'll try a base to see if the gray shadows don't turn an ashy color.

    Btw, I think it's awesome you wear a jade bracelet, I do too and it's really rare to see girls our age wear them (usually it's like moms and grandmas!)

  10. I'm happy you did this PSA. I recently signed up to be a donor and the information arrived in the mail with all the pre-paid envelopes. I simply put the swab to the mouth and now the envelopes are waiting to be dropped in the mail when I leave tomorrow. It is so easy, everyone should sign up.

  11. that outfit is so great for work! i bet you brighten up everyone's day. kudos for registering. i think i might think on it, but still give blood.

  12. Great skirt color!

    Phi, I present you a blogger award for being super cute and inspirational. Check my blogger, muahs!

  13. Lovely!

  14. Wow bone marrow. Yeah I have been afraid to give blood ever since I saw a friend who donated faint suddenly hours later.

    Lovely colors in the outfit though :]

  15. i love that top!

  16. UGH aren't you just despising our 105 degree weather? Love the fun color of your skirt!

  17. pretty skirt!
    i so wish it is hot in nyc right now. it wil be 40's to 60's on monday... i'm still wearing tights & jackets to work :(

  18. Excellent idea T! :)

    Thanks for sharing the photos. :)

  19. Oh wow - you're so gorgeous!
    I really like the detailing on the top.

    Bright items in outfits are one of my favourite things: make me feel confident and add a bit of cheerfulness.

    I've got a bright lilac bondage skirt :)


  20. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  21. love love love this skirt! that color is so pretty :)

  22. love this outfit!!

  23. I found your blog through wewearthings. I love your style. This outfit is great!

  24. what a lovely outfit! I love the bright neon skirt and that F21 blouse pairs with it so well!

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