I haven't had a music post since I've restarted this blog and I almost feel like I've been hiding something from everyone because well, music is a pretty big part of my life.  If I had to choose fashion or music?  Hmm....I'm actually trying decide as I'm typing this which one I'd pick.  It's hurting my brain so I'll just leave it as that's a tough decision.

Anyways, what prompted me to post a music entry is ROYKSOPP.

Royksopp is definitely in my TOP 5.  Maybe even my TOP 3.

I discovered Royksopp in 2005, which happened to be the last time they released a new album.  With only 2 full studio albums released and a 3+ year hiatus, I've come to become very familiar and attached to their music.  Anytime I unexpectedly hear a Royksopp song (at a lounge, on TV, at the hairdresser's), it's like instant good mood.  The beats, the words, Erlend Oye's voice.  I love it all.

Well, the big news is omg omg omg ROYKSOPP IS BACK!!11!!111!

They've released a new song, which you can download from their website, called Happy Birthday.

Ok so this song is pretty mediocre for Royksopp, but I'll take what I can get.  Happily anticipating their new album!

Downloads 4 U:
My favorite Royksopp song:  Someone Like Me
A good Royksopp song that you might have heard before:  Remind Me

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  1. melody am and the understanding are on my shuffle.. it's my running muzak!

  2. oh and i really like 'what else is there?' and the guys talking at the end of 'so easy'... i wanna give you some good frequencies...

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