Metal Feet



Forever 21 shoes, studs from SpikesAndLeather on eBay

Yeah I just finished these about an hour ago while watching Private Practice and Top Chef and wanted to take pics and make a post right away, so the indoor kitchen lighting is kind of wack. I'll try to take better pictures with natural light another day.

So my initial idea was to use the mini 1/4 inch studs on the entire thing. The ENTIRE THING. How killer would that look??

Well after doing the strap across the toe, I quickly reconsidered this decision. Man those are hard to press - and it takes FOREVER!

So I used the big 1/2 inch studs to make a big square in the front, w/ the rounded spikes circling the top and coming up the sides in a diagonal.

My only complaint is that I wish the heel was higher than 3.25 inches. Shoes this fierce need to at least 4 inches!

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  1. ahhh so awesome. I'm still waiting on my studs =(

  2. omg, these are AWESOME.
    seriosly, ure the queen of DIY.

  3. o shizzle that looks goooood

  4. Wow those are hot!

  5. what's that word? o ya.. FEROSH! you are making me want to try to stud things..

    and srsly fashion, food, music, home decor, and DIYs.. i didn't think anyone else was like me who just likes 'too much'... (i have DMB's too much playing in my head)

  6. UM - Winner winner chicken dinner ♥

    those are hot.


  7. those are AWESOME!

  8. wow tramanh that looks incredible. i love wearing high heels but sadly the one time i wore them i got reamed by both david and my mom "WHAT IF YOU FALL AND TWIST YOUR ANKLE AND HURT THE BABY!??!!?" yah, nobody cares about looking fierce :(

  9. wow those are fantastic!

  10. lol i know what you're standing dangerous

  11. oooooooooooooooo Those are TOO TOOOOO sexy!
    i wana try now lol

  12. That's so hot! I cannot find that one that what's it called, or the seller? I can't find either! =( I want one now.

  13. Wait, are you standing on a table? Not only is that fierce, I daresay that is SASHA FIERCE

  14. These look absolutely amazing, great job! And I can't believe those shoes are from Forever21...

  15. WOAH, those are stunning!!

  16. Youre briliant...Im inspired =)

  17. omg these are perfection

  18. WOW! love the makeover!!!

  19. wowwwwwwwww that looks real good
    some shoes that would go for a couple thousands.

  20. wow that's so cool i loooove what you did with them!

  21. o wow!!!!!!!!!!! they came out incredible!!!

  22. o.m.g. those shoes are SERIOUS. i am going wild over them right now. you did an awesome job!

  23. I have the same shoes; what you turn them into is so awesome. I'm inspired.

  24. Great job on the shoes!!! LOVE

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  26. galway hotelse-cigaret filtero.m.g. those shoes are SERIOUS. i am going wild over them right now. you did an awesome job!

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