Phi#1:  AA tee, 7 For All Mankind knit skinnies, F21 cardigan, Zara gladiators
Phi#2:  Stephanie B. zipper tunic, Express leggings, Sam Edelman suede wedges, Gucci Pelham bag

Special post featuring the little sistar!

Yah, we gots the same hair this Christmas again.

My sister is home from Austin for the holidays and she spent the past weekend at my house.  We went to F21 yesterday and did some serious damage.

There are few people that I'm able to shop with because I'm a really aggravating shopper.  I shop slow and for a long time.  I take multiple trips to the dressing room.  I have to touch everything.  I have to try on everything - multiple times.  I'm indecisive and change my mind a lot.  I don't take breaks for eating, drinking, resting, or the bathroom.

It works out well for us because my sister shops the same way.

ETA better pics of the bag:


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  1. lol

    I carry bottled water with me.

  2. i think i like the sound of your shopping.. i'm quite the bargain hunter though and don't mind going through messy stores.. which i find a lot of people can't stand.. but hey good deals are worth it!

  3. I love the sister sister shot. You two are gorgeous.

  4. I love the simple colors of your outfit with the more colorful strap of the bag. I like this bag just from seeing the straps in your photos. Can we get a close up?

    Also, love the zippered sweater. The zipper is a nice detail.

  5. aw, u guys are super coote together! my sister and i look totally different and it'd be a miracle if we had the same hair.(i was surprised to see that she had the same hair color as mine!lol)
    have a merry christmas!!!

  6. merry xmas! you and your sister sound like me and mine. :) i miss her!

  7. OK. obviously good looks run in your family. ;)

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