Vomiting of Photos (Part I)

Forever21 hooded cardigan, AA vneck tee, Express leggings, Zara gladiators, BF's Omega Seamaster watch

Wow I haven't updated in a long time.  Whoops.  In my defense, the bf got me a new computer for Christmas and I don't know how to use a Mac. =P  But I HAVE been taking pictures so now there will be a vomiting of posts.

I wasn't sure if I liked these drapey cardigans, but I saw this one at F21 and I had to have it.  It's double-sided, extra drapey, AND has a hood.  I like the drama that goes along with walking w/ a fluttery cape flapping behind you.

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  1. i love it! i wasn't sure about the drapey-wrap cardi's either.. but you found an awesome one

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  3. i love drapey cardigans. =D

  4. what a cool drapey cardi for forever 21. i'm impressed.

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