Happy Belated Christmas

Forever21 dress, Forever21 belt, Wolford tights, Saks 5th Ave shoes

What I wore to Christmas at my parent's house.  Cannot go wrong with studded dresses.  The studs weigh the dress down for optimal flattering draping.

So Wolford tights are pretty amazing.  Maybe not $50 amazing, but maybe $20 amazing.  The waistband is not too loose (so they fall down), but not too tight (so they are hurtful and make your stomach hurt).  The waistband is thin so that you can't see it through clothes, but strong enough to stay up.  They have a good rise so you don't have to fold them over at the waist.  

I do not condone spending $50 on hosiery, but if you ever see them on sale, snatch em up!

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  1. you find the bestest items at f21!

  2. that dress is from F21??? i LOVE it!!!!!!!!!

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