Warm December

Alice + Olivia bell sleeve sweater, Abercrombie shorts, DIY Dr. Scholls suede boots

High of 77 today in Houston, TX.  In December.  In addition to officially declaring the recession, they should also declare global warming.

I tried my hand at the newest blogger craze - DIY Studding.  It took much longer than I originally anticipated.  No wonder the moccasins MK+A wore were like $200!  But I'd sit and stud while watching TV and it was actually kind of relaxing?  I'd sit and stud as opposed to sit and eat 1/2 a pint of icecream in one sitting.  This is a good substitute.

The 2 rows at the top go all the way around the back.  I wanted to put more, but couldn't decide where else to add them, so I just stopped.  If I could, I'd stud the entire thing.  How weird/awesome would that be??

I'm going to get some spikes and add spikes to something.

6 comments :: Warm December

  1. i'm unbelievably impressed! your boots turned out really well.

  2. why is pepper levitating? Dogs so scary.

  3. cute dogs, I love the way the boots turned out!

  4. I've been meaning to try this out on a pair of boots but i'm kinda scared to ruin them heehe. And HELL YES for texas blogs!

  5. You did such a great job with these boots!

  6. wow i'd be scared to stud my own stuff. are those boots comfy?? i'm looking for flat boots to wear during the winter. where'd you get 'em?

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