Military Coat

Banana Republic sweater, Abercrombie pants, Armani Exchange coat, Saks 5th Ave pumps, UO necklace

So yesterday was a high of 77.  Today is a high of 57 and a low of 36.  Hence the coat.

I like this coat because of the "tulip skirt" bottom and when you zip it all the way up, it's very Janet Jackon Rhythm Nation.  There are zippers at the sleeves and 4 zippers in the front.  I need to find a spot in the house with better lighting so these things are more visible.

It's really weird, but I own several pairs of Abercrombie pants and shorts.  The size 00 fits me strangely well.  I think it's because they have such a low rise.  The super low rise is good for silly highschool girls who need to have their gut hanging over their shorts and a giant moose with ironic sayings on their chest.  The super low rise is also good for people with short torsos (e.g., me).

The gold chain detail on my shoes matched my necklace.  I carried the Chanel bag with the gold chain strap again today and realized it was sort of too matchy matchy.  Too many gold chains = too much of a good thing?  NEVAR.

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  1. I really enjoy your outfits, but you're right, it's hard to see any details b/c of the lighting. When the lightsource is behind the subject, it disguises the subject, especially the black elements which you wear a lot (and it's cool!). Keep the outfits coming, loving it!

  2. your house looks awesome! since you have beautiful window light coming in from the back why don't you turn around and use that angle instead?

  3. Anonymous 1 & 2: yeahhh, i know having light coming from the back is like photography 101 (which i actually DID take in college lol), but i was a little lazy in trying to find different spots to set my camera and timer so my camera doesn't fall on the floor. i tried out a different spot in today's post and i think it's a little better. i'm working on it! =)

  4. i love your clothes. you make me itch to go clothes shopping again but then i forget.. i can't fit into anything anymore! *cries* ... but i'm jealous cuz i have a super LONG torso so i don't fit into anything like a normal person does. those extra long shirts that are fit me like normal shirts.

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