Fiance entered us in a giveaway for a free engagement photoshoot and we were picked as finalists!

It involved writing a story about ourselves. He asked me if I wanted to read it before he submitted it. I said no. The first time I read the story was this morning and I have to say, it is a preeeetty good one. =)

Click on over to Table4Photography's blog, read our story, and vote for us!

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  1. Your fiance has a great sense of humor!!! I love the story.

  2. Great story. Very well written! =)

  3. a very sweet entry indeed. hope you guys win!

  4. very well written story of you two. voted just now. you guys are leading by a big margin. i tried to double vote but it doesnt accept. good luck. hope you guys win.

  5. omg that is the CUTEST and best written story of a couple I've ever read. I hope you guys win!

  6. wow! He's a good writer!! Such a cute story too!!

  7. so cute! tu's a great writer! i voted, good luck!

  8. Thanks sweetie for adding me to your blogroll. It reminded me to do the same :) And I voted for you--best of luck!!

  9. Love the story. Very well written! I hope you win!

  10. i voted for you!

  11. You guys are gonna win! That was the best story ever, it totally made me tear up!!! So cute!

  12. omg that was too cute!! good job tu!

    yours was waaaaaaay better than the other 3. no contest.

  13. voted for you, hope you win!
    great story too!

  14. That's such a great story! I voted for you two. I hope you win!

  15. Big vote coming your way- the story was so touching. I do hope you both win.

  16. i wonder if i can vote multiple times- LOVED the story!!!!! :D

  17. Captivating! I couldn't even get through the others in their entirety. So yes, I voted for you. Currently in the lead by a long shot. 366 votes or 51%. Good luck!
    alanna - san jose, ca
    (I think I had a phi siting at valley fair one time when you were still here)

  18. so sweet without the cheese. you guys are adorable.

    voted for you guys.

  19. Such a cute story! I always wondered how you and Tu got together.

    I voted for you and hope you guys win!

  20. What a lovely story. I voted for you guys! Hope you win.

  21. i voted! i hope you guys win!!! your story was too cute and funny! :)

  22. Alanna - me at valley fair? yeahhh that sounds about right. =)

  23. love the story!! so sweet. i voted for you guys, hope you guys win!

  24. You got my vote. Good luck!!! Tell Tu, nice work! And is that really true about the chickens???

  25. Mmm yah, this contest is seriously NO CONTEST!! Best story, hands down.

  26. i honestly love the story your fiance wrote the best after i read them all seriously b/c it had some hints of humor like he ate your pet chickens and he hated you for not liking the goonies but i'm not gonna lie i never knew i love people feel for that movie either it doesn't keep me entertained for a long period of time for me to ever have completed that movie

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  28. WTH happened to the voting? You guys had such a great lead earlier! The other couple must have just showed their story to their huge family! I have faith that y'all will regain control.

  29. voted for you guys. loved your story, it was just precious.

  30. What a charming story. Does you fiance have a brother? Lol. But seriously, the story is written in a non-cheesy way. It is different, witty and just brilliant. I'm sure people will see that.

  31. Aaaawwww I super loved the story so light and entertaining! And wow at the baby chicks destiny indeed..=) I hope you guys win..=)

  32. i voted for you!!
    Is the best story :D

  33. i loved it! i loved how it was the only one out of all the stories that was written by the groom-to-be, was full of cute asides, and had nothing of that forced sentimentality or pleading to be interesting that made it hard for me to finish the others. it made my boyfriend tell his coworkers to vote and then he asked if we could get dogs, too. go team Tram and Tu!

  34. loved the story! tried to cheat and voted for you guys like 10 times before i figured out that it wasn't registering. doh! anyhoo...hopefully the one vote helped!

  35. i love it. voted.

  36. on my way to vote!! good luck hun!

  37. I voted =) I love your story! You guys are too cute. I plan on voting again when I'm home... from each computer in the house. Haha.

  38. honestly, I read all four stories and I like the story about you and your fiance the most, and of course I voted for you.

  39. Dude that was a such a sweet story! I'm glad we got a little insight as to how you two met. Now we have to hear your side of the story! Also, that was an awesome music video. Loved the song!

  40. Your fiance is seriously a great writer. I hope you guys win! :)


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