Talking Heads

F21 lace tank, UO highwaisted shorts, F21 seashell belt, Vince Camuto shoes

1. New hairs! Well, not really new, but the reemergence of the bangs. Now that Houston weather has dropped down to a CHILLY 90 degrees, the bangs are back.

2. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has already voted for Fiance and me on the Table4Photography contest. Especially those who voted multiple times (lol)! I am totally blown away by the support of my readers! Unfortunately, we have unexpectedly (and honestly, inexplicably) dropped to 2nd place, despite our strong start (hrmmm...) but voting doesn't end for another week and a half so we still have hope!

3. The first 2 photos were taken with my Canon. The 3rd picture was taken w/ Dru!!!'s Nikon. Different lenses, but settings were the same on both cameras (same f-stop and exposure). Interesting to see the difference in color.

4. I watched Lars and the Real Girl for the first time recently and I really enjoyed it. This Talking Heads song was featured in the movie. I also found a cover of the song, but as is true with most things, the original is better.

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  1. Nice outfit! Why don't you ever look at the camera? lol

  2. Cute belt! It looks like a Christopher Ross!

  3. Your bangs look cute! And I voted for you guys, I hope you win.

    Nikon's take grittier photos and Canon photos look more vibrant. Nikons are easier to use, but Canon's take better quality pictures. I have a Nikon, but I wish I had a Canon now.

  4. maybe you could put a link on the sidebar for the table4photography contest? with baby chicks!

  5. I love my Nikon. :) What body does Dru have btw?

  6. i confess, i voted for you guys without reading the other stories, but i just went back and read all of them (bored) and tu's totally kicks the others' a****. yeah, the other ones were kind of hard to get through. except the short one. ha ha.

  7. i love your hair, it's so sleek and shiny, how do you maintain it?

  8. Hmmm what body do I have? I think it would be considered slender/athletic, but maybe Tramanh may disagree.

  9. Pear - thanks! I don't do anything special to my hair - lucky to say it's just good genetics! I wash it daily (right now i'm using Redken's All Soft line; before i was using Pureology's Hydrate line). in this photo, i just blow dried it with a round brush.

  10. love the way you are wearing those high waist the belt with it. its strange that you guys are on the 2nd spot in the photo competition, have voted again, good that you reminded. hope you guys get back to the 1st spot asap

  11. i hate to sound repetitive but your hair looks great :)

  12. 1) I am luffing the bangs


    2) I just voted again (not creeper status, promise) and you're in 1st place again!

  13. The picture taken with the Nikon has a lot more life and depth to it, where as the Canon is a bit flat. It's definitely interesting to see the difference.

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