Same But Not

Urban Outfitters dress, F21 seashell belt, Vince Camuto shoes, Urban Outfitters necklace

Do you tend to re-wear the same thing for periods at a time, or are you able to change things up daily? Apparently I'm a re-wearer because I just noticed as I was typing this entry out that I accessorized myself the same as the previous entry.

I wore this to go have some drinks at a party a friend was promoting. The DJ was playing vocal trance circa 2000-2002. Astroline - Close My Eyes comes to mind. I liked it at the time, but I just tried to listen to it on Youtube just now and it made me embarassed.

Take a looksie at my feature on TwentyThirtyForty. A huge thanks to Arlene and Brandon for such a great opportunity!

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  1. I feel that way all the time. I get an outfit or a uniform stuck in my head, and then I can't get it out.

  2. cute belt

  3. cute! i tend to wear it many times if i like it. btw i like your new bangs!

  4. very nice.

  5. cute dress. i am terrible at accessories , i'm always late so they often get skipped since they are the last step. i basically wear pearls for weeks at a time.

    do u find it harder to wear yellow gold necklaces with a platinum engagement ring? do your accessories have to match your ring? haha

  6. I really am loving the eye liner and how slim the brush is. I really don't think I've ever gotten a nicer line.

    As for your bouquet, what about green cymbidium orchids?

    Also.. what is helping me plan BIG TIME is the website The forums and galleries are great, and all the brides on there are SO helpful. On there, my profile name is MissCupcake =)

    Happy Planning!

  7. The pictures are kinda that on purpose? Otherwise, love the combination of the clothes and accessories. =)

  8. I have voted you !!Wish you good luck!!

    Lovely dress!!

  9. Okay, so you're the wearing the same belt. Otherwise, those 2 outfits are completely different. You are a master with the accessories!!

    And thank YOU for playing with twentythirtyforty!! You are awesome and you're welcome anytime!!!


  10. omggg love this

  11. Hi Phi,

    Beautiful dress, very vibrant. And the belt is for keeps. Nice & sweet outfit post.

  12. cute dress...i love that belt of yours, cant believe you picked it from Forever, it looks like one of those old vintage belts that i have seen so many bloggers wear.

  13. i love belted floral frocks! :)

  14. Loooving your dress, that print is so cute :) Hope you're having a lovely day.


    i like that belt.

  16. don't worry! when i get a new accessory, i put it in heavy rotation with my other newish accessories. and then after a while i retire it. come to think of it, i'm like that with a lot of my clothes too.

  17. Cute dress!!

    I love your new bangs!!!

    Love the Link about Phi Style!!


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