F21 tank, H&M skirt, Asos booties, F21 necklace

BIG THANK YOU for all my readers who voted for us! We really pulled ahead on the last day! I know after all the contestants spammed their friends/family, it would be up to the INTERNETZ READERZ in deciding who won. THANKS for your support!

So the photogs haven't officially announced a winner yet, but I THINK we got this one... =)

Will update again once the official results are in!


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  1. ouuu good luck with the win! :]

  2. you look really pretty!the skirt is lovely!

  3. OMG so exciting!!!!!! Congrats! You totally won!!!
    PS you look so cute!!!

  4. congrats on your win! love the skirt by the way! =)

  5. YAy!!! you guys won! Congrats...Btw love the red lips

  6. i <3 your hair here!

  7. thank goodness.

  8. Seriously, CONGRATUMALATIONS!!!!! Tu did an awesome job on the story. I <3ed it and even better, it's ALL REAL! DESTINY! Really, how fitting - IMURDESTINY! :) All the best to you four - dogs included!

    * alanna (san jose, ca)

  9. yay!! (and p.s. your boobies are looking great in pic #1)

  10. Congrats on winning the photo shoot!

  11. yay! can't wait to see the photos!

  12. awesome! congrats! :)


  14. ea ea ea!!!
    Felicidades por haber ganado!

    Your hair look so good :D


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