Pursuit of Happiness

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UO ruffle bandeau top, F21 highwaisted shorts, Nine West wedges, F21 necklace

I had a very eventful weekend! Started off at a fun wine bar INTERMEATZ dinner with Issa and Dru of wewearthings, foodie traveler Seo, and later met up Erica of clouds-of-tulle. We followed 4 bottles of wine with some unnecessarily large long island iced teas, and rounded out the night w/ PBRs, dancing at one of our regular spots. Fun times were had.

Unfortunately the night ended with Fiance finding one of his car windows smashed and my purse stolen. I know, stupid on my part to leave it under the seat in the car. Purse, wallet, credit cards, checkbook, ID, iphone, car keys, various makeup - GONE. SADDINGS!!

Canceled all my cards and checking account that night and discovered that the thieves had tried to get gas several times, went to a grocery store, tried to rent a car, and made a stop at a brake repair place. RANDOM! I will say that fraud protection these days is pretty awesome.

So I'm angry, obviously, but really - what's the point? I leave it as "these things happen" and take it as a "life tax." Don't leave your purse in the car. Lesson learned. Let's move on!

I AM sad that this had to happen at a place that we frequent semi-regularly. I blame it on the recession. And Kanye West.

Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness [ft. MGMT & Ratatat]

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  1. LOVE this outfit! so adorable!
    and long island iced teas huh? gosh i haven't had one of those in years. they always = trouble


    i want shorts like those.

  3. dude that sucks! losing a wallet is one thing, but the iphone??? it's like my life and brain all nicely bundled into one little electronic apparatus!

  4. definitely sad that the night had to be ruined :( i still remember tu kept asking you to roll up the window..... hahahah

    so i don't remember names of any of the places we went to. let's retrace our tracks some other weekend!

    blurry photobooth pics were found in my purse the next day. they were just as blurry as they came out from the machine. still cute, tho! :)

  5. sorry that happened to ya. it's very much a hassle just to deal with it all. hope it all works out. where was the place that it happened? my car was broken into within a yr of me moving here and there were absolutely nothing in the car. =/

  6. omg my boyfriend's car was broken into as well.. they stole his BROKEN ipod.. super lame.. but yeah theft protection is awesome! LOVE your outfit by the way!

  7. you're leading by a wider margin now! so, hopefully #2 won't mysteriously make a comeback.

  8. Adorable outfit!

  9. You can work so many fabulous looks many can't! I think you have a really distinct look.

    That really sucks about your purse. You know a recession has hit when card thieves hit up grocery stores and gas stations before electronic stores and the mall.

  10. so super chic! good luck you guys =)

  11. 1st, LOVE THE OUTFIT. LOOOVVEEE IT. I want the whole outfit ;)

    2nd, Oh no!! Sorry to hear your purse got stolen. BUT I'm glad you cancelled your cards immediately - your faster than those dumbasses that stole 'em.

    3rd, Kanye's a douche for what he did.

    ps. I VOTED FOR YOU :)

  12. Love love those shorts,...
    Sorry to hear about the stolen purse, its such a hassle to cancel everything.
    PS: voted again for you guys. Dnt worry, you guys are gonna win.

  13. I literally laughed out loud at when I read "I blame the recession. And Kanye West" I love that regardless of the crappy situ you still make jokes!!!

    You look adorable!

  14. Funny story!! One more vote!

  15. You look so great. I love your short.

  16. You look so adorable!!

    Love love your top!!


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